[env-trinity] Fw: Klamath Basin fall Chinook table

Tom Stokely tstokely at att.net
Fri Mar 25 15:35:07 PDT 2016


    Attached is the “megatable” for Klamath Basin fall Chinook salmon.  Annual data (in this case 2015 data) are considered preliminary until the following year. I’m working off a slightly old distribution list so if you would like to be removed please let me know, likewise if someone needs to be added let me know as well.  If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or Sara Borok atsara.borok at wildlife.ca.gov or by phone at 707 822-0330.    Regards,    Wade    Wade Sinnen Senior Environmental Scientist (supervisor) CA Department of Fish and Wildlife 5341 Ericson Way Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-5119 office phone (707) 496-9359 cell phone    Every Californian should conserve water.  Find out how at:  SaveOurWater.com ·Drought.CA.gov    

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