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Grant application for Minersville boat ramp upgrade
By Sally Morris The Trinity Journal | Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 6:15 amThe only boat launch ramp available for use on Trinity Lake during low-water conditions is 40 years old and badly in need of repair, but the U.S. Forest Service is seeking $4.8 million in grant funds to fix the problems at the Minersville ramp and upgrade the facility to current standards.Backed by support from the Trinity County Collaborative, state Sen. Mike McGuire and the Trinity County Board of Supervisors, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest applied in January to the California Division of Boating and Waterways for a grant to fund improvements at the Minersville ramp.Built quickly during the 1976-77 drought, the asphalt ramp has deteriorated after 40 years of use and never included turnarounds or designated parking. It is narrow and does not accommodate very well the larger vehicles and boats now in use.During the current drought, Trinity Lake has been at low water levels for multiple years, forcing boaters to rely on the Minersville ramp as their only lake access and resulting in further degradation from the heavy use. Only short-term fixes to patch and re-patch the driveway have been available to sustain access until a permanent solution can be constructed.The total cost of the proposed improvements comes to $4,834,348 and would include new restrooms to replace one built in the 1960s as well as ramp replacement with a wider, concrete boat ramp, turnarounds and sidewalk; dual cable anchor system to accommodate a larger boarding float and designated parking area.The grant application submitted by the Forest Service notes that Trinity Lake is an important economic asset to the region that has become increasingly reliant on tourism, but during low-water conditions, the public is hesitant to visit because the Minersville ramp in its current condition is difficult to launch at.It also notes that in the period from 2001 to 2010, the lake level dropped more than 70 feet below the high water mark in seven out of 10 years (70 percent) which left the Minersville ramp as the only launch access available during some part of each year. During all 24 months of 2014-2015, the lake level never got above the 2,286-foot elevation, meaning that Minersville was the only usable boat ramp for two years. It is operational from 40 to 200 feet of drawdown. There are six other launch ramps, but they are all out of the water after a 70-foot drawdown.To date, a technical feasibility study, preliminary design and engineer’s cost estimate have been prepared for the proposed project. If the grant application to the state division of Boating and Waterways is successful, the proposal is for construction to occur during the lowest water months of October to February in 2019-20 with completion in March 2020, depending on lake levels. The lake needs to drop far enough to pour concrete for the ramp. A high water year would delay construction.
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