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| Hi Tom,

SalmonidRestoration Federation and Pacific Watershed Associates are offering aBest Management Practices (BMP) workshop and field tour of sedimentand erosion control sites in Trinity County. Advancedregistration for this event ends on May 25.   
   - What: Erosion and Sediment Control BMP Workshop and FieldTour
   - When: June 6, 2016 from 9am - 5pm
   - Where: Fire Hall Room, Weaverville Fire Department.Click here for a map and to get directions.
   - Registration: Online advanced registration is $35 until May 25.Click here to register. This workshop is limited in size. AfterMay 25 the registration fee increases to $50.
The workshop will cover identifying and evaluating sedimentsources, assessing environmental impacts, creating erosion control andprevention plans, designing and evaluating grading plans, and theenvironmental permitting application process.

We hope to seeyou there, and please help us spread the word. This promotional poster can be printed out and hung upin your community or place of work.

Please contact me withany questions. Thank you!

Sara Schremmer
Salmonid Restoration Federation

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