[env-trinity] Fw: The Trinity County RCD is hiring

Tom Stokely tstokely at att.net
Wed Jun 29 09:57:07 PDT 2016

Hi Everyone,
  Trinity County Resource Conservation District is accepting applications for a Project Coordinator I/II. This is a full-time supervisory position with paid leave and medical benefits. The Project Coordinator I/II will help develop, promote and implement resource conservation projects for vegetation management, native plant nursery maintenance, habitat restoration, forest health, fuels reduction and watershed stewardship projects. Applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm, July 22, 2016. To apply mail resumé and cover letter to Trinity County RCD, Attn: Personnel, PO Box 1450, Weaverville, CA 96093, or email to ksheen at tcrcd.net, or bring to TCRCD, #30 Horseshoe Lane, Weaverville. Call (530) 623-6004 or visit www.tcrcd.net for more information.  Shiloe Braxton: District ManagerTrinity County Resource Conservation DistrictPhone:(530) 623-6004   Mobile:(530) 638-5159  

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