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We're pleased to share the final agenda for the upcoming S3 Model roll-out workshops for the Trinity River (Wednesday October 5) and the Klamath River (morning of Thursday October 6).  Both sessions will be held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center located in Eureka, CA.  If you have questions regarding either the Trinity or Klamath sessions, please contact Nicholas Hetrick or Nicholas Som (nicholas_som at fws.gov) of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office. Note that we are not planning to host either of the sessions via Webex or conference telephone line. We encourage in-person attendance to provide participates the opportunity to effectively interact with the model developers.  
Project Background:  The Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3) Model is an integrated set of sub models that can be used to predict the effects of water management and restoration alternatives on the production of Chinook Salmon.  In the Klamath Basin, the S3 Model tracks causes of mortality throughout the sub-adult life history of Chinook Salmon over time within the 233-mile section of the mainstem Klamath River spanning from Keno Dam in Oregon to its confluence with the Pacific Ocean in California.  The S3 Model is  also being extended by including the Trinity Basin.  
Future additions to the S3 Model include the addition of an ocean component, an upstream adult migration sub-module, and the addition of the Coho Salmon sub-module.  These improvements will transform the S3 Model into a full life-cycle model that can be used by the Klamath and Trinity basin Managers and the Trinity River Restoration Program to help evaluate the potential effectiveness of various management actions, channel rehabilitation projects, and water management alternatives on salmon production in the Basin.  
We look forward to seeing you on Oct 5/6.    
Nicholas J. Hetrick   
Nicholas J. HetrickProgram LeadFish & Aquatic Habitat Conservation ProgramArcata Fish and Wildlife OfficeArcata, CA 95521office (707) 822-7201
fax (707) 822-8411

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