[env-trinity] County seeks ‘fair impact fees’ for diverted Trinity water

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Who knows what the Trinity Supes had to say about the county’s water being shipped out of the county/the need for the County to collect a tax on it ? – even the Trinity Journal now has a pay-wall/ one must create an account to read its articles in full.


But the headline, alone, takes me back 40+ years to when I was the CA State Senate’s principal natural resources staffer and a Siskiyou County delegation, the particulars of which I can’t now recall other than it appeared their ringleader was the rascally publisher of a Ft Jones-based weekly (did I get that right?), wanted me to advise them on how to construct legislation which would put Siskiyou County in the water marketing business. The publisher, in particular, kept emphasizing in our meeting that ‘southern California’s desperate for water, and we’ve got more water than we need …’ 


I asked the Siskiyou-ians how that was going to work – how were they going to get out of the water delivery business when they finally needed the water in Siskiyou County? They didn’t think that would be a problem at all. But it got me thinking hard for the first time about the issues surrounding water marketing – issues with which I’m still concerned/ concerns which I expressed in a recent posting to ‘On the Public Record’ https://onthepublicrecord.org


‘Sorry to be a wuss about the Trinity Journal thing but I’m suffering from password overload.


Bill Kier

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County seeks ‘fair impact fees’ for diverted Trinity water

·        By Sally Morris The Trinity Journal


·        44 min ago


·         <http://www.trinityjournal.com/news/local/article_57e73f68-9014-11e6-85c4-37acbc2291a1.html#comments>  0



In a resolution adopted by unanimous support last week, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors is seeking to collect “fair impact fees” for out-of-basin transfers of water from Trinity Lake, diverted through the Judge Francis Carr Tunnel beyond the lake and dam.

Citing numerous drought impacts including declining tourism, increased infrastructure demands, loss of property values, loss of economic activity, loss of fisheries and severe environmental damage, the board resolution is seeking accelerated payment of impact fees as the lake levels drop lower and lower. No such fees have ever been paid to the county since Trinity Dam was built.

The resolution was drafted by the Board of Supervisors’ ad hoc water committee of Sups. Bill Burton and Keith Groves, and was tabled from the board’s Sept. 20 meeting after additional input was received from other board members to be included in the final wording.

The proposal favors full, or nearly full, operation of Trinity Lake, noting greater water storage benefits communities



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