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Take Action ASAP: Oppose the Rider in Drought Relief Bill! 
by Dan Bacher

In the latest battle in the California water wars, another controversial drought bill authored by the Stewart Resnick-backed Congressman David Valadao under the guise of "drought relief" is being moved through Congress in the lame duck session. “There is operational language in the bill that may take away Bay-Delta protections in order to over pump the Delta and the latest reports state that a "last minute poison pill rider" is intended to be included that will kill thousands of fishery jobs and rollback the Endangered Species Act," according to an action alert from Restore the Delta (RTD) issued on December 5.  “This ‘backroom deal’ may threaten thousands of fishing jobs on the West Coast and harm water quality.” “We need to remain vigilant about ongoing federal drought bills. Please pick up your phone now to call your Senators and House Representatives. Senator Boxer is considered a key player in this bill,” the group urged.As of yesterday afternoon, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Rep McCarthy had worked out a deal on language to attach to the WRDA (Water Resources Development Act) in the lame duck session. Senator Boxer and Congressman Jared Huffman are opposing the McCarthy/Feinstein deal that threatens salmon and other fisheries.“The question I ask myself about this bill is will it help California?” said Senator Feinstein in a statement. “Will the $558 million in long-term authorizations help California develop a new water infrastructure? Will the short-term operational improvements help us hold more water in a way that does not negatively affect fish or the environment? I believe the answer is yes.” (mavensnotebook.com/…)Congressman Jared Huffman and Senator Barbara Boxer disagree strongly with Feinstein’s contention that the rider will “help California.”  They released strong statements opposing this rider, with Huffman calling it a “slap in the face.”“Anyone that participates in this charade should be ashamed,” said Congressman Huffman. “This is a slap in the face to all of us who want to enact good infrastructure policy, who have been working to deliver for the families of Flint, and whose states care about salmon fishing jobs.”“I was stunned to see comments made by Kevin McCarthy that the outrageous poison pill that he is trying to place on WRDA is ‘a little small agreement’ on California drought,” said Senator Boxer. “I will use every tool at my disposal to stop this last minute poison pill rider.” (mavensnotebook.com/...)  RTD urged people to “please keep calling about the rider and other potential language in the bill,”  1) Call your Congressional representatives: 
To find your Congressional Rep’s number, check this list of all California Congressional Representatives, or go to whoismyrepresentative.com to type in your zip code. 2) Call your Senators: Please call Washington DC offices and your state offices to get the message through!Senator Barbara Boxer: Washington D.C.: (202) 224-3553
Bay Area: (510) 286-8537
Los Angeles: (213) 894-5000
Sacramento: (916) 448-2787
Send a tweet.Senator Dianne Feinstein:  Washington D.C.: (202) 224-3841
San Francisco: (415) 393-0707
Los Angeles:  (310) 914-7300 
Send a tweet.Please state this simple message: I oppose the last minute poison rider in the drought relief bill by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy that will roll back the Endangered Species Act and destroy thousands of fishery jobs. Drought relief must protect the Bay-Delta estuary which has been in an over pumping drought for thirty years. We need to send a strong reminder to our legislators that they must continue to protect our Delta water quality and flows in all drought relief packages.View action alert at RTD website.

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