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Ramp improvements a work in progress
   - By Sally Morris The Trinity Journal
   - Jan 16, 2019
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Trinity Center boat ramp improvements are still a work in progress through the partial government shutdown.
Sally Morris | The Trinity Journal   

The rebar was all set for the concrete pour, and then the partial federal government shutdown over funding a wall on the U.S./Mexico border resulted in a federal cease and desist order being issued Dec. 21 on the state grant-funded Trinity Center boat ramp improvement project. 

With rising Trinity Lake levels threatening to soon close the window of opportunity to complete the boat ramp expansion before it’s under water, North Lake promoters of the project were quickly on the phone to U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman and California Sen. Mike McGuire to intervene and seek an exemption for the project.

President of the Trinity Lake Revitalization Alliance, Kelli Gant of Trinity Center, reported last Friday they were successful in obtaining an exemption to the closure, allowing the state grant project to continue as funded by a $1.64 million allocation from the California Boating and Waterways Commission.

Noting the rising lake level is within six feet of the concrete pour, Gant said delay from the federal government shut-down could have resulted in no boat ramp until late summer or fall when the water recesses again, adding “not good for North County or the Trinity County economy this summer.”

Not receiving any responses to her inquiries from the U.S. Forest Service which is closed due to the shut-down, she contacted Huffman and McGuire offices that helped secure the boat ramp grant in the first place to improve the Trinity Center facilities located within the Shasta-Trinity-Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.

“They were out contacting people and working together,” Gant said, thanking them for their efforts that resulted in a positive outcome.

The improvement project includes reconstruction of the parking area to include additional stalls and pull-through trailer spaces; repaving and widening the ramp to accommodate two full lanes and two turnarounds; installation of a new floating courtesy dock; sidewalk construction and new restrooms.

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