[env-trinity] Opportunity to comment on the EPA's proposed changes to protected Waters of the U.S. (Wotus) - Open until April 15, 2019

Gutermuth, Frederic fgutermuth at usbr.gov
Fri Feb 22 12:51:24 PST 2019

Comments are now being accepted on the proposed rules to revise the
definition of waters of the United States - that is the definition of those
waters that are to be protected under the Clean Water Act (CWA). The
proposed standards are intended to clarify sometimes hazy guidance as to
which waters are covered under the Act, however, the intent of the CWA is
to safeguard the biological, physical, and chemical integrity of our waters
in order to protect people of the US (as well as fish and wildlife).

You have until tax day (April 15) to provide your comments to the EPA on
this proposed ruling.

Comment at:

All the best-

Brandt Gutermuth
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