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Markyour calendars!  The 2019 Klamath River Fish Health Workshopwill be held Wednesday November 6th at the Best Western Windsor Inn inAshland Oregon.  We've set up a block ofrooms for the night of Nov 5 th for those attending this full day ofpresentations, which will begin at 9 am on the 6th - just mention "fishhealth workshop" to rec'v the reduced room rate.


To promote a free  exchange of findingsfrom recent monitoring and research efforts regarding salmonid fish health inthe Klamath River basin, the one-day workshop will be open to all. We do,however, ask that potential speakers submit presentation titles and brief abstracts that we can post online with the meeting agenda, once it’s been fully developed.  Please send to (nick_hetrick at fws.gov), Sasha Hallet (Sascha.Hallett at oregonstate.edu)and Anne Voss (anne_voss at fws.gov) whoare helping to organize this year’s workshop.


I look forward to seeing many familiarfaces at this annual workshop on fish health related research inthe Klamath River Basin.

nicholas j hetrick 

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