[env-trinity] Problems with env-trinity messages in Chinese

Tom Stokely tstokely at att.net
Mon Aug 26 16:51:13 PDT 2019

Env-trinity subscribers,
I have had a few complaints from some of you over the years that your env-trinity messages come through in Chinese or other foreign characters.  
I have contacted the Davis Community Network about it and hope to hear back soon.
Meanwhile, it appears that the ones who get the weird messages are subscribers who get a "digest" of the list messages.  Those who directly get the messages do not appear to get the weird messages.
If you are getting those weird messages through the digest, please send me a PRIVATE e-mail (so as not to bother the other 400 subscribers with our problems) and I will change your setting to directly get the messages, not the digest.  I think you can also do it yourself.
Sorry for any inconvenience and I apologize for not getting on this sooner.  I will let you know what I find out from DCN.
Tom Stokely Env-Trinity List Manager530-524-0315 tstokely at att.net 
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