[env-trinity] Trinity Journal LTE by Wolf Vonn- Trinity River fish decimation

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The reality is there are very low counts in the Klamath also. Yurok
fishermen did not catch much at all this year and ocean fishing was not
great. It was predicted to be good year and it has been terrible
everywhere. The allocations were probably higher than they should have
been, but the Tribe does not set those and had no reason to think the
predictions were wrong until the run did not show up like it was supposed
to. Also no one hit their allocations as far as I know. There were so few

I do not think it is productive to blame the Tribes when all the watersheds
have terrible returns this year, especially because no one seems to know
what happened yet. Fighting amongst the people that want to save the fish,
and blaming each other for a bad run (and a really bad prediction of the
return), when it was likely due to river and ocean conditions seems like a
waste of time and energy. I think we need to figure out what happened and
why the prediction was so off, not blame those that suffer when there are
not many fish.
This is my opinion as someone that lives here and pays a lot of attention.

Thank you,

On Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 8:29 AM Paul Catanese <pcatanese at dhscott.com> wrote:

> I have not seen this weir with my own eyes but have heard about it
> countless times. I did witness this year the lack of fall salmon and
> spawning redds and a lack of steelhead. Heard many stories of the great run
> of fish this year but very few made it to the upper river. I have  lived on
> the banks of this river for 27 years , have guided here and my son guides
> here, we know the river and we know when  there are no fish.
> When you consider the 250 million plus dollars spent on restoration and
> the allocation of funds to the tribes  this activity of netting almost
> every fish is inexcusable. This together with the elimination of TAMWAG ,
> self dealing ,no bid contracts, and the TRRP self exclusion from the Brown
> Act should be alarming to everyone and call for an investigation of the
> program from a financial perspective as well as its efficacy. Trinity
> county board of supervisors appear to be more  focused on the government
> payroll in town and not enforcing laws regarding illegal pot grows rather
> than restoring the fishery, which was better before restoration began.
> Yes our  fishery and the environment is being decimated but not by who or
> what you think! Illegal pot grows and down river overharvesting are not
> congruent with restoring a fishery for the benefit of ALL of us who live
> here. Its time to get some answers and work this out. I am less concerned
> about Sites reservoir than I am about what is happening here and now.
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> fish decimation
> http://www.trinityjournal.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/article_2600c656-1ba6-11ea-b7a3-63c260102475.html
> Trinity River fish decimation
>    - From Wolf Vonn Redding
>    - Dec 11, 2019
>    -
>    <http://www.trinityjournal.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/article_2600c656-1ba6-11ea-b7a3-63c260102475.html#comments>
> If you are a Trinity River angler, merchant, or concerned citizen, it’s
> time to address the absolute decimation of fish at the Tish Tang, Hoopa
> Weir. Yes, it’s politically sensitive, but the taking of (by Hoopa
> Fisheries’ admission 90 percent) of hatchery steelhead, coho and most of
> the chinook salmon is their objective.
> To top it off many of the non-native locals yard fish out of the area
> daily. This is not sustainable, and a disgrace to fisheries management. To
> see it reminds me of the past videos of Japanese commercial fishermen
> clubbing dolphins caught in seine nets, but in this case salmon herded
> behind the weir.
> This year very few fish made it past the lineup of treble hooks, gill
> nets, locals and weir (look at upstream Fish and Wildlife Weir data). The
> quota means nothing, since non-native monitoring of take is not allowed.
> Yes, the Trinity partially flows through the Hoopa reservation, but it
> belongs to us all, and we share the fish. With the weir in place, Tish Tang
> could be considered the new headwaters of the river, since not much gets
> further upstream. We need constructive solutions to this critical issue.
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