[OldNorthBoard] Remarking of N spaces on E Street and later throughout the neighborhood

sheryl lynn gerety winterety at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 10 21:42:07 PDT 2006

August 2006 marked the end of one year of the N parking district.  
Public Works with the ONDNA agreed last year that at this time we would 
take a look at how the district is functioning with an eye to 
considering improvements.

As we marked the end of our first year of experience with the N 
district, and had begun a critical review of its function, the city 
began a resurfacing of E Street removing the N parking spaces in order 
to lay fresh asphalt. We took the opportunity to open a discussion of 
the possibility of improving N District function by marking all the 
parking spaces available on E Street.  We also wrote to Bob Clarke to 
ask him to delay the remarking of E Street following its resurfacing to 
give ONDNA some time to discuss this possibility.

Marking standard length parking spaces the length of the street and 
improving the location of the N Spaces was proposed to the neighborhood 
in a letter requesting input from our general membership on a request 
we might send to Bob Clarke.  However the response rate to the proposed 
letter was so low as to be negligible.

This leads me to conclude that the timing is not right for ONDNA to 
move ahead with a proposal to change the street markings.  Rather we 
should place it on the agenda for the coming meeting for a brief 
discussion, and look for a new opportunity to canvass the residents of 
Old North.  As other resurfacing projects come up, I believe we will 
again invite discussion on the issue.

Thanks to the Board for help and suggestions.

Sheryl Gerety

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