[OldNorthBoard] Agenda ONDNA Meeting October 26

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Fri Oct 20 08:13:39 PDT 2006

We have  a guest speaker, Chris Ochoa, coming to discuss ballot measure 
dealing with locating a Target store in Davis.

Old North Davis Neighborhood Association Meeting
Thursday, 26 October 2006;  7:30 PM;  Hattie Weber Museum
Join Us!
oldnorth at mailman.dcn.org

I.	Call to order & introductions.
II.	Approval of minutes (August 2006).
III.	Treasurer’s report (Groody).
IV.	Web master's report (Martinich)
VI.	Additions?
VII.	New Business.

	(A)	Chris Ochoa of Davis Neighborhood Coalition presents case against 
	(B)	 Heather Johanson:  Mixed Use Zoning
	(C)	 516 F Street:  new owners to discuss plans for the property, 
Design Guidelines, zoning
	(D)	 602 D Street:  owners of the Grady House, a Merit Resource, to 
discuss plans for an accessory structure
	(E)	 Scheduling meetings at an earlier hour:  discussion continued.
	(F)	The chair will entertain a motion from the floor to have Board 
Member at Large Steve Tracy guide us through the writing of a 
neighborhood or community plan for ONDNA ; discussion and vote to 
	(G)	Scheduling of November and December meetings:  November 30 and 
none for December, or try for the 14th or 21?

VIII.	Old business

	(A)	Valerie Vann :  Historic District Report

	(B)	Discuss draft of letter to city asking for better communication on 
parking issues

	(C)   	3rd and B Streets

	(D)	Sub-committees: Parking & Traffic; Zoning & In-fill; Fifth & F 
Streets; Alleys/Sewers/Power Lines; Old North Park; Emergency Response; 
Elections; Urban Forest; Social Events; Elections; Conservation of 
Contributing Structures; Noise Violations, and  . . . ?

IX.	Adjourn
Officials:  Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer, 
TBA);  Members of the Board (as of the June 2006 election):  Dan 
Quickert (756-0575); Tony Martin 759-2012; Kathleen Groody (757-1092); 
Steve Tracy (756-4921); Dennis Dingemans (753-5959); Sheryl Gerety 
(758-3990); and, Donald Martinich (756-8234).  Web Site (under new, 
expanded management!): http://www.oldnorthdavis.com/.

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