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Our regular schedule for this month's meeting is next Thursday.  There  
has been some discussion about changing the regular 4th Thursday  
meeting time around a bit.  Is everyone up for that, and can we get  
together at 4 PM Sunday, Oct 31, Halloween instead?  Sheryl Gerety has  
offered us the comfy living room at the Winetery house at 602 C Street  
for the occasion.


The proposed agenda includes the usual reports, and the following items:

1.  Ongoing discussion about the Yolo Federal process and our options.

2.  Beginning to discuss possible parking district changes.  These  
would include:
	a.  Leave it alone.
	b.  Do away with it and go back to the situation we had several years  
	c.  Ask the City to modify the district to our original vision, with  
one spot reserved for each residence, self-enforcing, no charge.
	d.  A more structured parking benefit district where we could charge  
outsiders to rent spaces in Old North and generate revenue for curb  
cuts, street lights, alley mainenance, and traffic calming.

3.  Update on 5th Street and the rising accident toll.  There were  
THREE accidents at 5th and E Streets in less than 24 hours between  
early 	afternoon Tuesday and 1 pm Wednesday.  See www.johnlofland.org  
for pictures.  John is not chasing ambulances.  Rather, these sad  
events are being delivered almost to his doorstep.

4.  Begin to organize for the progressive dinner holiday party in  


Please get back to us tonight so we will know if we should rush to  
print agendas for distribution this weekend, or if we can do Halloween  
afternoon and wait until mid-week to put out agendas.

Also please let us know if anything should be added to the agenda.


Here are the draft minutes from Sheryl for our last meeting, in  

Thursday, September 30, 2010
6:30 PM
Hattie Weber Museum
oldnorth at mailman.dcn.org

Present were Willson, Dingemans, Tracy, Marshall, Le, Risley, Gerety.   
Announcements included the 10/10/10 Cool Davis Festival at the Vets  
Memorial Center, upcoming November 20, 2010 bicycle festival.  August  
minutes were read and approved as suggested, including that Dingemans  
would write a letter to the Pena Group asking for project status.  The  
agenda was re-arranged so that 2) Civic Center Field became the new 1)  
and 1) Yolo Federal Credit Union Building the new 2).  Winter  
Progressive Dinner to be discussed at October meeting.

   Civic Center Park:  Dingemans to create a working copy of policy  
guidelines in General Plan setting forth standards for open space to  
be made available, input from July 22 meeting.
Yolo FCU project:   City Council approved with our written input and  
discussion at meeting we hosted severely curtailed by City  Staff.   
Plans were made to address City Council, to broker a conversation with  
Yolo FCU.  Han Le attended the meeting objecting to the 24 hour drive  
through ATM in plans but was not supported by Staff reporting.   
Questions remain concerning soil contamination, traffic flow, tree  
removal, resistance to underground parking, placement of above ground  
parking and access to G and 5th.
Parking District:  many unused N spaces owing to difficulties securing  
permits (renters, residents who are eligible for more than one permit  
(Corner 6th and B, 7th and B); enforcement continues to be uneven.   
Davis High School was denied student reporting of parking violations  
in its lots for enforcement purposes.  Tracy continues to explore  
options that would let residents report violations, sell non-resident  
parking spaces with some money reverting to a neighborhood fund for  
street maintenance and improvement, address residents’ resentment over  
having to pay for a parking space in their own neighborhood.

Public Comment at City Council Meeting, October 	12, present Tracy,  
Risley, Dingemans, Szumsky, Willson, Winterhalder, Gerety.  Tracy  
spoke to lack of representation of OND position by staff including  
positioning our letter to the Planning Commission at the back of a 100  
page briefing, cherry picking comments at public meeting with Yolo FCU  
architect and officers.

Meeting is adjourned at 7:30


Finally, I am attaching a flier for an event I am speaking at next  
Wednesday evening.  It is sponrosed by Davis Bicycles! but anyone is  
welcome who is interested in seeing how European cities are being  
transformed for safer and more convenient bicycle and pedestrian travel.

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