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Monday and Tuesday, July 25-26, 2005 are "Spare the Air" Days, meaning you
can ride Yolo County transit systems for free.  YOLOBUS and Unitrans, the
two transit systems serving Yolo County, have announced a continued program
to help reduce summertime ozone. On days that the air quality index is
predicted to exceed 127  by air quality control officials, the public can
ride YOLOBUS and Unitrans free.  This incentive program on YOLOBUS and
Unitrans runs through August 31, 2005, or until related grant funding runs
out, whichever occurs first.

Five-day forecasts for ozone are available at  <http://www.sparetheair.com/>
www.sparetheair.com and Spare the Air days are determined a day in advance
which helps people plan their commute. Residents can also receive personal
notification through Air Alert, a free service available by signing up at
<http://www.myairalert.net/> www.myairalert.net.  On declared "Spare the
Air" days anyone can ride YOLOBUS and Unitrans for free.

    YOLOBUS serves Woodland, West Sacramento, Davis, U.C. Davis, Winters,
Sacramento International Airport, downtown Sacramento, Madison, Esparto,
Capay, Cache Creek Resort and Casino, Dunnigan, Yolo, and Knights Landing.
The program applies to both YOLOBUS fixed route buses and YOLOBUS smaller
buses that serve the disabled.   Unitrans, which serves the City of Davis
and U.C. Davis, will provide free rides to the public Thursday, Friday, and
Sunday (Unitrans doesn't operate on Saturdays).  Bus schedules are available
by contacting YOLOBUS at 530-666-2877 or  <http://www.yolobus.com/>
www.yolobus.com or UNITRANS at 530-752-2877 or  <http://www.unitrans.com/>



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