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Kathy Souza ksouza at yctd.org
Tue Apr 17 16:34:08 PDT 2007

Yolobus Public Service Announcement





YOLOBUS Riders in northeast West Sacramento:


At approximately 10.15 PM last evening in West Sacramento, as Capitol
Corridor Train #546 was approaching the I Street bridge to Sacramento, the
train slowed due to a restricting signal.  A group of people placed
themselves on the tracks in front of the train, forcing the engineer to stop
the train.  Upon opening the door of the cab car, the engineer was dragged
off the train and assaulted with rocks and bottles, and was badly beaten.
He remains hospitalized.


Please use caution when in that area, or any area, when waiting for YOLOBUS
or walking around, especially during hours of darkness.



Yolobus Staff

For Yolobus Information call (530) 666-2877

Visit the Yolobus website at www.yolobus.com <http://www.yolobus.com/> 


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