[Yolobus Public Announcement] Elimination of Transfer Slips between Sacramento Regional Transit and Yolobus

Kathy Souza KSouza at yctd.org
Thu Aug 6 10:33:51 PDT 2009


Yolobus Public Service Announcement



Effective Tuesday, September 1, 2009 YOLOBUS will not accept or issue
transfers slips to or from Sacramento Regional Transit District buses or
light rail.  Riders are still able to transfer between both transit
systems; however, in order to avoid being forced to pay cash on each
system, which would be the most expensive way to ride both systems,
riders are encouraged to buy a daily pass or RT monthly pass, effective
September 1st.  


At the June 22, 2009 Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) Board Meeting, the
RT Board eliminated use of transfer slips to, from, and within the RT
system.   (The only exception to this is the Capitol Corridor Train
transfer, which will remain valid.)   The elimination of transfer slips
by RT has an effect on transit agencies across the region, including


YOLOBUS will continue to issue and receive transfer slips between
YOLOBUS buses, but they will not be valid on RT.  Riders are reminded
that YOLOBUS transfer slips are not valid for round trips.


Yolobus Staff

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