[Yolobus Public Announcement] Sacramento International Airport Service to New Terminal B

Kathy Souza KSouza at yctd.org
Mon Oct 3 16:51:22 PDT 2011

Yolobus Public Service Announcement



Yolobus Service to New Central Terminal B at SMF


Beginning Thursday, October 6, 2011, Yolobus will serve the new Central
Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport.  Yolobus will drop
off and pick up airport passengers outside the east doors on the ground
level at the new Central Terminal B.  The Yolobus bus stop is located at
the southern-most bay (each exit door at Central Terminal B is numbered
- the number "4" door is located closest to the bus stop).  The route
42A/42B schedule will remain the same.


The Yolobus bus stop at Terminal A will be unchanged.  However, airlines
will be rearranged as follows:

*         Terminal A - Continental, Delta, United, US Airways

*         Terminal B - Aeromexico, Alaska/Horizon, American, Frontier,
Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest


Yolobus routes 42A/42B provide hourly service to the Airport, seven days
a week, from downtown Sacramento, West Sacramento, Davis, and Woodland.
Regular one-way fare remains only at $2.00, discount fare is $1.00.  


Note: On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, after 9 PM, Yolobus will serve both
the Old & New Terminal Bs temporarily as there will be flights arriving
at New Terminal B while the last departing flights are leaving Old
Terminal B.  Yolobus routes 42A/42B will arrive at both the Old & New
Terminal Bs at approximately 9:25 PM & 10:25 PM.  Service to the Old
Terminal B will be discontinued on Thursday, October 6.



Yolobus Staff

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