[Yolobus Public Announcement] Saturday August 11 is a SPARE THE AIR DAY

Kathy Souza KSouza at yctd.org
Fri Aug 10 12:19:03 PDT 2012

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            Saturday August 11, 2012 has been designated by the air
districts in the Sacramento Region as a "Spare the Air" day.   Rides on
YOLOBUS and Unitrans fixed route services will be provided at no charge
to riders because of this "Spare the Air Day" designation. Also, riders
of YOLOBUS paratransit services will not be charged a fare on those


This summer, when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is expected to exceed
"127" for ozone levels, the air district sends out an announcement at
least the day before.


Additionally, because the temperature forecast is significant for
Saturday, both YOLOBUS and Unitrans are advising passengers to stay
hydrated by drinking plenty of water and  staying indoors as long as
possible (until their buses arrive), particularly in the afternoon.    


How can a rider find out if their bus is on time without being out there
in the heat of the day?  YOLOBUS riders can now get real time
information on where their bus is simply by going to the Yolobus.com web
site and clicking "automatic vehicle location system", or going to 
http://avl.yctd.org/ <http://avl.yctd.org/> .  YOLOBUS is the first
public bus system in the Sacramento area to offer system-wide real-time
bus location information. 


This free-ride incentive program on YOLOBUS is funded by the Sacramento
Area Council of Governments and the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management
District.  Likewise, Unitrans, which serves the City of Davis,
surrounding area, and U.C. Davis campus, will offer free rides on Spare
the Air days as well.  This free-ride offer does not apply to Sacramento
Regional Transit buses or light rail.


Five-day forecasts for ozone are available at  www.sparetheair.com
<http://www.sparetheair.com/>  and Spare the Air days are determined a
day in advance which helps people plan to use alternative
transportation, including bus, carpooling, walking and bicycling.
Residents can also receive personal notification through Air Alert, a
free service available by signing up at www.myairalert.net
<http://www.myairalert.net/> .  On declared "Spare the Air" days anyone
can ride YOLOBUS for free.


Bus schedules are available by contacting YOLOBUS at 530-666-2877 or 
www.yolobus.com <http://yolobus.com/> , as well as UNITRANS at
530-752-2877 or www.Unitrans.com <http://www.unitrans.com/> .



Yolobus Staff



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