[Davis Democrats] FW: Help Lois Wolk win Senate District 5 against Republican big money

John Chendo jac07 at dcn.org
Tue Aug 5 16:29:43 PDT 2008

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 16:25:35 -0700
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Conversation: Help Lois Wolk win Senate District 5 against Republican big
Subject: Help Lois Wolk win Senate District 5 against Republican big money

Lois Wolk¹s new Senate District#5  will extend down to Stockton, which
overlaps with congressional district #11, of new Democratic Congressperson
Jerry McNerney‹both Dems strong on the environment and energy policy,
against Republican big corporate dollars, in a very important contest for
the new green direction our country needs to take.
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 Hello john,   
The Republicans in Washington are at it again! Instead of spending time
listening to their constituents, they are in Washington staging phony
"sit-ins" and playing games with America's pocketbooks.  At a time when Big
Oil profits hit historical highs, Republicans in Washington are blocking
bills that would help ease the price of gas for people across California and
the country.  But don't just believe me--conservative commentator Bob Novak
in his Evans-Novak Political Report said: "Republican rejection of a
Democratic offer to allow four specific GOP amendments (including one on
drilling) signaled that Republicans might prefer abusing the Democrats for
preventing votes to actually voting on drilling."  Instead of voting to help
ease the crunch Americans are feeling due to soaring gas prices, Republicans
- fueled by Big Oil's $13.5 million in campaign contributions to their
coffers this cycle alone - continue to play games with the American public
and allow oil executives to line their pockets with record profits.  Big Oil
must think that Americans can't see through the smoke-and-mirror games they
push their pocketbook-puppets to play in Washington.  Their cronies continue
to oppose common sense plans to lower the price of fuel and expand the use
and production of renewable energy.  Jerry McNerney is leading the fight for
those common sense solutions
0NAUv2pIoL8N1U4obIsqAWkEWchXGIWCBpfE> . He's called on the President to
release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which would lower prices
at the pump immediately, and to stop price  speculation and stabilize the
markets - which the President refuses to do.  He is pushing to force Big Oil
to use the millions of acres of land they already have access to but refuse
to drill on!  I have news for Big Oil and their Washington Republican
puppets:  WE CAN see through the games.  WE CAN see Republicans obstructing
sensible policies.  WE CAN see the link between Big Oil contributions and
flawed Republican energy ideas.  Together, WE CAN make a difference.  This
weekend, we are "knocking and talking" during our district-wide Day Of
Action. We need help from friends and neighbors far and wide to show Big Oil
that the American people will not sit back and accept Republicans making a
mockery of both process and policy.  Join Jerry in standing up to Big Oil
X4Swenmi3Ulmn7M9917AJrDFii1Olr9v32AT0j36gwrSR6Y=> !  We are going
door-to-door across our district this weekend to share with our neighbors
and voters the smart policies Jerry continues to fight for to help lower gas
prices and ease the crunch so many across California are feeling.  It takes
a lot of resources to organize such a large Day Of Action.  Please consider
donating $40, $60, $100 - whatever you can generously give
X4Swenmi3Ulmn7M9917AJrDFii1Olr9v32AT0j36gwrSR6Y=>  - to we make sure we have
enough supplies for all our friends walking across the district on Saturday.
Our teams of neighbors are ready to knock on thousands of doors across the
district. Will you join them and spread the word about Jerry
X4Swenmi3Ulmn7M9917AJrDFii1Olr9v32AT0j36gwrSR6Y=> ?   Sincerely,  Alex
Posorske  Campaign Manager McNerney For Congress  PS - The best way to get
the truth out to voters is by talking with them one on one.  We need you to
do that!  Please help us by walking with us
fcqmFuJb7D_-OKI=>  this Saturday or by making a small donation
X4Swenmi3Ulmn7M9917AJrDFii1Olr9v32AT0j36gwrSR6Y=>  to help us continue.
Thanks for all that you do - you make this campaign!


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