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   <http://www.cadem.org/site/c.jrLZK2PyHmF/b.3983395/> Gov. Schwarzenegger
released his revised budget this week. The bad news is that our budget
crisis has worsened. But even worse are the Republicans' proposed solutions.
 They still want to cut $4.3 billion from K-12 education. They still want to
cut $1.1 from university funding. They still want to cut $2.6 billion from
health and human services programs.
 And if that isn't bad enough, they've come up with some new cuts.
 Now they want to take Supplemental Security Income benefits from our
seniors and disabled. That's right. They call it ³Intercepting federal SSI
funds sent from Washington intended for the benefit of aged and disabled
Californians.² We call it stealing from the poor.
 For too long Republicans have refused to raise taxes on their corporate
cronies. Now they want to steal money from California's seniors and disabled
to fund sales tax loopholes for yacht owners and to keep big oil companies
from having to pay their fair share of taxes.
 This summer, we need to tell California Republicans that enough is enough.
We need to change the script and stop balancing our budgets on the backs of
our weakest citizens. We need to tell the Republicans that we are better
than that. That's where you can help. You still have time to enter the
Summer of Change video contest. Shoot a 30-second video with your message
about what's at stake in this year's budget fight. Submit it by May 18,
2008, and your video could be aired on television.
<http://www.cadem.org/site/lookup.asp?c=jrLZK2PyHmF&b=3983395>  Tell us
about what's important to you. Tell us why you think that providing a decent
education for our kids is more important than giving tax breaks to oil
companies. Tell us why you think it's wrong to steal Supplemental Security
Income benefits from California's seniors and disabled to fund a yacht tax
 This summer, we plan to change business as usual. Be a part of that change.
 Sen. Art Torres (Ret.)
 Chairman For full details, go to our website at www.SummerOfChange08.com.
Then get busy working on your video entry. The deadline for the Summer of
Change video contest is this Sunday, May 18, 2008.
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 1401 21st Street, Suite 200, Sacramento CA 95811
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