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Dear DHS Band students and families-
We had another successful Car Wash on Saturday, Oct 15.  Participating students collectively earned $700.00 toward their Spring Trip accounts.  Individually, this came out to $11.55 per hour of work.  Thanks for your hard work and thanks to our parent volunteers.
I have washed and dried all the rags and towels.  They are folded and in 2 large rectangular boxes in my carport, along with some hose nozzles, squeegies, buckets, window cleaning solution bottles, one green hose, a drying rack, a nylon cord used for drying rags, and a yellow Y connector for hoses.
Please stop by (918 Colby Drive) and pick up your equipment.  Towels, rags, and solutions that are not picked up will be stored for future Band Car Washes.  Thank you very much for bringing supplies and equipment for the students to use and for your volunteer hours.  I really appreciate the people who pitched in to make these car washes so successful.
Doreen Conte

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