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Forgot to include Sheila's email address to RSVP for the party.  I  believe 
it's a pretty free form potluck.  Just bring something to share,  perhaps 
with a New Orleans flair if you like and hopefully we will get a meal  out of 
it all!  6 - 8 pm, March 31st, Stonegate Country Club.
_sheilaallen530 at yahoo.com_ (mailto:sheilaallen530 at yahoo.com)   

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PS:  Don't forget to RSVP to Sheila Allen about the  Jazz Band/Jazz Choir 
potluck on Sat. March 31st at Stonegate.  We are  hoping all travelers will 
attend, and hopefully it will be a good time for all  the adults going on the 
trip to gather and talk about specific details of the  trip.  Many folks 
are traveling separately from the band, and so there  are some special 
logistics to figure out.  See you  there!
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