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Check out information on March 10 workshop in first section of Klamath
Riverkeeper eNews below.


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Klamath Riverkeeper eNews               March 3rd, 2009

Headlines & Action Alerts 

Clean Water Workshop 

Klamath Calendar 

Water Board sticks with 401 

KRK on SB 76 

Hobby miners attack Karuk fishery 

Klamath report outdated 

Another ban on salmon fishing 

Fish food supply threatened 

Pesticides combine to kill fish 


Using the Clean Water Act to Save Our River

KRK hosts TMDL teach-in at the Panamnik

MearNcVuSHTussXy4zW3K6XG3CDvVWi30ht2h_yeURk4MBDQaHhzb> Panamnik Building,
Orleans, CA

Join Klamath Riverkeeper and our allies the California Coastkeepers for a
dynamic workshop on how to make the Clean Water Act work for us.  Learn what
TMDLs are, and how to use them to advocate for clean water on the Klamath.
MearNcVuSHTussXy4zW3K6XG3CDvVWi30ht2h_yeURk4MBDQaHhzb> >>more info


Klamath Calendar

6fmmEPB8rf9-Fm_uJlHpP> Clean water

3/2 - 3/12
6fmmEPB8rf9-Fm_uJlHpP> Public Meetings: TMDL Implementation Plans. Attend
these meetings and/or comment on the Regional Water Board's plan to clean up
the Klamath River. 

*	3/3/09 12:30 p.m., Yurok Tribal Office, Klamath, CA 
*	3/3/09 6:30 p.m., BSS Building Native Forum Room 160, HSU Arcata, CA
*	3/4/09 6:00 p.m.
*	Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairgrounds Floriculture Room
*	Tulelake, CA 
*	3/5/09 6:00 p.m. Willow Creek School 5321 York Rd. Montague, CA 
*	3/12/09 2:00 p.m.DCJ Hearing Room Regional Water Board Office 5550
Skylane Blvd, Ste A Santa Rosa, CA

2/10 Using the Clean Water Act to Save our River
MearNcVuSHTussXy4zW3K6XG3CDvVWi30ht2h_yeURk4MBDQaHhzb> , a public workshop
put on by KRK and the California Coastkeepers. 6:00 at the Panamnik Building
in Orleans, CA

3/14 California Rivers Festival
gHDM2NLbRKFoR1r4qVVs=>  in Sacramento. Come down and meet KRK!

MH2_ZMHhC9w==> Pacific lamprey by Thomas Dunklin, www.thomasbdunklin.com


Pacific lamprey after harvest near the mouth of the Klamath River. Photo by
Thomas Dunklin. www.thomasbdunklin.com


The height of "eeling" (or lamprey harvest) season reminds us of what we're
fighting for here on the Klamath: amazing biodiversity, diverse Native
cultures, and a rural way of life. The Clean Water Act is a key tool in our
kit for this fight, and KRK is committed to helping the public use it
effectively. Here's a few opportunities in the next week or so:

*	The Clean Water Act is full of complicated terms like "TMDLs".
Please join us and our allies the California Coastkeepers in Orleans on
March 10th for a workshop
MearNcVuSHTussXy4zW3K6XG3CDvVWi30ht2h_yeURk4MBDQaHhzb>  intended to
demystify the jargon, and help us take action for clean water on the Klamath
*	The Regional Water Board is gearing up to implement a water quality
restoration plan for the Klamath, and is currently gathering feedback before
it releases a final plan.  Check out one of their presentations this week,
6fmmEPB8rf9-Fm_uJlHpP>  and get ready to submit comments by March 27th
(we'll have talking points next eNews). 

Thanks everyone, and welcome to all the supporters we met in Eugene last

Malena Marvin
Outreach and Science Director
Klamath Riverkeeper


Cal Water Board holds PacifiCorp to 401 process

The state has struck a balance between making way for continued negotiations
to remove four dams on the Klamath River and moving ahead with a regulatory
process to deal with some of the river's worst water quality problems. 
The State Water Resources Control Board's Executive Director Dorothy Rice
issued a memorandum this weekend announcing its intent to prepare the
environmental document concerning water quality certification for
Pacificorp's Klamath dams. The decision comes after a request by parties
trying to negotiate removal of the dams asked the state for a delay. 
Eureka Times-Standard - 2/24/09


Klamath Riverkeeper: SB 76 is best for ratepayers

The PacifiCorp ratepayer hike proposed in the Oregon legislature for Klamath
dam removal is the best way to save ratepayers money. Engineering estimates
so far suggest that federally mandated fish ladders and water quality
improvements would cost the company millions of dollars MORE than dam
removal, making SB76 the cheapest and most prudent solution.
Siskiyou Daily News Letter to the Editor - 2/27/09


Recreational miners attack traditional Indian salmon fishing 

Since the arrival of miners in the mid 1800's the Karuk Tribe has lost
nearly everything. Once the lone occupants of over 1.4 million acres of the
Middle Klamath Basin, the Karuk had over 100 villages and associated fishing
sites. A peaceful society blessed with an abundance of acorns, fish, and
game, early observers described the Karuk as the wealthiest people in North
America. Today, nearly 90% of Karuks living in ancestral territory live
below the poverty level and Tribal members have access to only one fishery.
Yesterday, a recreational gold mining club called The New 49ers challenged
the Tribe's right to fish there.
Karuk Tribe Press Release - 3/3/09



Klamath report outdated, flawed 

The Siskiyou Daily News recently described a report developed for the
Department of the Interior by a consulting firm on the costs and liabilities
of removing Klamath River dams ("Report identifies data gaps, possible added
removal costs", Friday, February 13).  
The report offers little value to anyone interested in understanding the
potential costs and benefits of removing Klamath River dams or keeping them
in place under a new license. Below are just a few of the report's
Siskiyou Daily News Letter to the Editor- 2/20/09


California ban on salmon fishing likely for '09

Prospects are not good this year for the folks who fish for salmon off the
California coast - or for the people who like to eat it. 

The number of chinook in the ocean right now is barely enough to meet the
minimum sustainable goal when the fish return to spawn in the Sacramento
River system this fall - and that's assuming no fishing is allowed this
year, according to a forecast Wednesday by a federal agency.

San Francisco Chronicle - 2/26/09


Wild salmon losing ocean food supply to aquaculture

Fish farming operations are driving increased demand worldwide for prey fish
such as anchovy, krill and sardines -- depleting the food supply of salmon,
seabirds and other wild predators, the conservation group Oceana said in a
report issued this morning.
The report, "Hungry Oceans: What Happens When the Prey is Gone?," is timed
to coincide with a new United Nations evaluation of ocean health.
It pins declining prey populations primarily on fish farming: "Increasingly,
the driver behind overfishing of prey species is aquaculture," the report
Oregonian - 3/2/09
Read the Hungry Oceans Report



Pesticides combine to kill salmon

Common agricultural pesticides that attack the nervous systems of salmon can
turn more deadly when they combine with other pesticides, researchers have
Scientists from the NOAA Fisheries Service and Washington State University
were expecting that the harmful effects would add up as they accumulated in
the water. They were surprised to find a deadly synergy occurred with some
combinations, which made the mix more harmful and at lower levels of
exposure than the sum of the parts.
Business Week - 3/3/09




Klamath Riverkeeper
fH3d_QwLksw==>  restores water quality in the Klamath watershed, bringing
vitality and abundance back to the river and its people. 


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