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HURRAY! YAY! it's about time someone put it in writing, and I'm sorry I have never written such a letter, because I say it all the time (but not as nicely as this lady did)  ... just about any fool can grow lettuce, but only Mother Nature can make wild Salmon happen, if we would only get out of the way. 

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This is a very good letter.  The picture is of Larry
Collins, president of the San Francisco Crab Boat Association. 
Letters to the editor
February 21, 2010
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Letters to the
Re: The article in Insight "Fish or Farms" on Feb. 14. I
hope it doesn't come down to one or the other, but if I had to choose, it'd be
salmon all the way. I can grow vegetables and fruits in my backyard, but I
can't grow salmon. The farmers may come and go, but once salmon is extinct, it
is gone forever. I don't think future generations could ever forgive us if we
let that happen. I sympathize with the farmers and hope there is a way to
support them too, but the priority has got to be healthy salmon. The loss of
this species would cause untold damage up and down the food chain, and
fishermen are as important as farmers. But the real priority must be saving the
wild salmon, the fisheries along with them; then we can save the farmers.
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