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The Service's California-Nevada Fish Health Center is leading a collaborative effort involving agencies and tribes to monitor the incidence ofCeratomyxa shasta and Parvicapsula minibicornis infection in juvenile Chinook salmon in the Klamath River. Fish are being collected within major hydraulic reaches of the Klamath River downstream of Iron Gate Dam by biologists from the  Karuk, and Yurok Tribes and the Arcata Office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The Service's Fish Health Center provides project oversight and laboratory support and analyses for the project. 

The attached update for the 2013 outmigrant season will be posted this week on our website at  http://www.fws.gov/arcata/fisheries/projectUpdates.html.  We again want to acknowledge the collaborative spirit that has gone into this monitoring program, which is being jointly funded by Reclamation's Klamath Falls Area Office and the Service's Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office, and CA/NEV Fish Heath Center, with valuable field support provided by the Karuk, and Yurok tribes, the Salmon River Restoration Program, and CDFW. We also want to extend our thanks to Kim True and Scott Foott of the Service's Cal/Nev Fish Health Lab for sharing these preliminary data available with us all. 

nicholas j 

Nicholas J. Hetrick
Fish Program Lead
Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office
Arcata, CA 95521
office (707) 822-7201
fax (707) 822-8411

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