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This is a response from the State Water Contractors to the article about Folsom Lake reaching dead pool.

Model runs are one thing, actual operations are another.  If you remove the handcuffs on Delta exports, of course it's going to drain the northern reservoirs.  

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Delta Doozy

Discussions about the future of California water and of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) have too often become a fact-free discourse that is not advancing an informed discussion. The State Water Contractors’ “Delta Doozy” series was launched in order to distinguish the facts from the fiction and promote constructive dialogue. 
Delta Doozy: BDCP Will Put Folsom Lake In Jeopardy
November 1, 2013
The following comes from www.protectourfolsomwater.com, a web site from the San Juan Water District and the City of Roseville. The below statement is in regards to Folsom Lake in Sacramento County, a Bureau of Reclamation Facility that provides water supplies and flood protection for the region and water supplies to Silicon Valley and San Joaquin Valley agriculture:
“…There are some who want to greatly reduce the amount of water in the lake to benefit other parts of the state. The state’s Bay Delta Conservation Plan puts our future Folsom Lake water supplies in jeopardy.”
Some Facts for the Record: The State of California has done extensive modeling of the BDCP’s proposed operations, including an analysis of the performance of upstream reservoirs such as Folsom Lake. State laws and policies require that BDCP’s environmental analysis also include the potential impacts of future climate change. The results show that BDCP actions do NOT have any material effect on future upstream reservoir levels. However, the analysis does show that potential changes in climate would have an effect on upstream reservoir levels. That is a concern for us all, but to suggest that BDCP is putting Folsom Lake in jeopardy is simply not true. 
The BDCP website contains more information on this issue in the “Your Questions Answered”section, including a dedicated post on BDCP’s impacts on upstream reservoirs. 
View the Doozy here. 
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