[Davis Democrats] FW: Good news, bad news, and the news you make

John Chendo jac07 at dcn.org
Thu Oct 26 21:03:34 PDT 2006

Help me fight back against McPherson's big-money, right-wing special
interests.  <https://secure.ga3.org/03/bowen/nNpMuLhn1-mrt?>

First, the good news: Our own internal campaign polling confirms what the
recent LA Times poll showed -- I'm up by 5%, according to Goodwin Simon
This race is still too close to call, but the demographics of those who are
still undecided favor my campaign.
Now, the bad news: Republican anti-choice leaders, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, the
insurance lobby, and dozens of developers know I'm in the lead, and now
they're scrambling to stop me by investing Big Money in McPherson's
campaign. Thanks in large part to these recent large contributions, they've
given him a nearly $700,000 cash advantage.

Help us turn around the only bad news that still stands in our way. Make a
contribution to our campaign today!
But getting major donations from these typical big-money, right-wing special
interests isn't the only source of Secretary of State McPherson's cash flow.
The car dealer lobby -- which fought hard to try to defeat legislation on
identify theft protection and credit freezes that I authored and pushed
through the Legislature -- is now targeting me for defeat by underwriting
McPherson's campaign. It seems that they're looking for some payback, while
trying to send a message to my fellow legislators to discourage them from
considering new consumer protection laws.
Serious questions are being raised about several of my opponent's other
contributors as well. This week, Hewlett Packard -- a corporation that was
just indicted by the State Attorney General -- contributed thousands more to
McPherson. And don't forget that McPherson already grudgingly sent back
thousands of dollars in contributions from Jack Abramoff's lobbying firm.

McPherson may have captured the special interests, but I have you on my
side. Please help me fight back by contributing today!

Ultimately, we shouldn't be surprised that a long line of special interests
are rushing to inject cash into my opponent's campaign. But we need to
remember why they are doing this:

They're afraid of leaders who refuse their marching orders; they're afraid
of any measure that would dilute their control over Sacramento; and, most of
all, they're afraid of a Secretary of State who will work to make sure that
all eligible voters can participate in the electoral process.

Come November 7th, let's show them that this fear is well-founded.
Contribute today, and let's fight back against McPherson's special
interests! <https://secure.ga3.org/03/bowen/nNpMuLhn1-mrt?>

Secretary of State McPherson's cash advantage may seem like bad news -- but
with your help we'll make sure that the news on November 7th is good and
sends a message to the special interests that they can't control the outcome
of an election.


Debra Bowen
California State Senator

P.S.  With only 25 more days until Election Day -- and with millions of
absentee ballots being distributed this week -- now is the time to stand up
and be counted. Please give us the resources we need to fight back today and
every day through November 7th!

Contribute Today! <https://secure.ga3.org/03/bowen/nNpMuLhn1-mrt?>
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