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About DCN

DCN is a Davis, California, nonprofit education and community service organization, founded in 1993. DCN is dedicated to helping local people take advantage of and benefit from the new information and communication technologies and services associated with the Internet and media convergence.

Introducing DCN
DCN, its history, partners and projects in a nutshell
DCN Vision, Mission and Goals
What it is we're trying to accomplish!
DCN Board of Directors
Current membership, officers, past board members, and minutes of board meetings.
DCN has a number of all-volunteer Committees.
DCN invites you to get involved.
Past, present, and future DCN projects
Policy Documents
DCN Policies on accuracy, privacy, and acceptable use of resources.
DCN is a partnership-based organization. Details on our past and present partnerships.
Information about DCN's finances, including our 990 filings. The 990's are large PDFs. All but the most current year are on the GuideStar site.
Subscribe to DCN News
Would you like to keep up on DCN activities and events? Subscribe to DCN-News and we'll send you periodic emails to keep you up-to-date. You may cancel the subscription at any time.
Support DCN
Select a donate-button below to make a tax-deductible donation.
DCN by The Numbers
A summary of DCN activities
Bylaws of the Davis Community Network
Adopted by the Board of Directors, at their meeting of June 25, 2019, amending prior bylaws
Document Actions
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