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February 17 2004

DCN Board Minutes February 2004

DRAFT until Approved
A duly called regular meeting of the Board of the Davis
Community Network was held
5:15 P.M., Tuesday, February 17, 2004
at the City of Davis Training Room
600 A Street.

Present: (10 Board Members) Tony Bernhard, Tsui Chang, Jim
Frame, Anne Hance, John Jones, Steve McMahon, Robert
Nickerson, Kimball Sargeant, Tom Stanionis, Keith Prior, and
Executive Director Richard Lowenberg.
Absent: (5 Board members) Ronda Adams, Rick Guidara, Jan
Meizel, Richard Reid, Richard Yamagata

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by president
Kimball Sargeant at 5:24 P.M.

2. Agenda Approval: Approval by consensus

3. Public Comment: No members of the public were in

4. Minutes: Approval of the minutes of the January 20, 2004
Board meeting was moved by Tony and approved by by
consensus as distributed with the addition of Richard
Lowenberg's name among those attending..

5. Report - Board Member Nominating Committee
The slate of nominees was moved by Steve McMahon,
seconded by Anne Hance, and approved unanimously.
Seven current board members were re-elected to another 2-year
term: Ronda Adams, Rick Guidara, John Jones, Jan Meizel, Rob
Nickerson, Richard Reid, and Tom Stanionis.
One new Board member, Keith Prior, was elected to a 2-year

6. Report - Office Nominating Committee
The slate of nominees was moved by Steve McMahon,
seconded by Tom Stanionis, and approved unanimously.
Elected to 1-year officer positions were: Kimball Sargeant,
President; Tony Bernhard, Vice President; Jim Frame, Treasurer,
Anne Hance, Secretary.

Steve McMahon (retiring VP) will attend as many Executive
Committee meetings as possible since he is the holder of much
critical knowledge.

7. Report - I-Net, cable franchise, Community Media Center
Institutional-Network (I-Net): Steve talked about the
likelihood that the I-Net agreement between the City of Davis
and Comcast will be separate from the Cable Franchise
agreement. Comcast is already starting its build-out to extend
and upgrade the fiber throughout the City. The City is
committeed to participating dependent upon the participation
of other institutions. The DJUSD Board will be addressing its
participation at an upcoming School Board meeting. UCD is
also expected to participate. Participation involves financial
commitment on the part of all parties.
Community Media Center: The lead in this project is
being taken by Davis Community Television (DCTV). Several
locations and partnered opportunities are being explored.
Richard Lowenberg attends most meetings and is representing
DCN's potential interest in sharing the space.
Cable Franchise: Agreement between the City and
Comcast is not yet in place. PEG funds (Public, Education,
Government) are a sticking point with Comcast not yet ready to
allocate a sufficiently large sum.

8. Report - DCN T-shirt Committee (RL)
Richard Lowenberg shared his draft design with a small
insignia on the front and a block design on the back
representing a web page showing a map of Davis with
connection nodes and linkages radiating throughout the City.
People had comments and a committee of 2 was established to
develop a final draft design: Richard Lowenberg will work with
Tom Stanionis.

9. Discussion - May 20th Celebrate Davis event, other possible
Anne Hance moved participation in this event. The
motion was seconded by Jim Frame and approved
unanimously. Sharing space with DCTV and/or with Omsoft is
a possibility. Kimball Sargeant pointed out that there needs to
be a DCN mission related purpose to the participation and that
spotlighting the launch of the DCN Calendar would be ideal.
Steve had commented that some pre-event activity should
include alerting DCN 'members' and friends with a, "Come by
and talk with us" invitation. We will hopefully sell T-shirts and
hand out "Wireless Security" information.
A sub-committee for this activity includes: Richard Lowenberg,
Richard Yamagata, Tsui Chang, John Jones, and Kimball

10. Update - Fundraising
Richard Lowenberg reported that he had drafted a
business solicitation letter which had been reviewed and 'revised'
by several members of the Executive Committee. Anne
suggested that instead of blanketing the business community
and asking them to respond, it would be more effective to send
out 6 at a time telling each business that they would be
contacted within the next week to assess their interest. Richard
will send out his prospect list for Board comment. He will bring
the revised letter to the Executive Committee meeting.

11. Discussion - Training Classes
a) A successful Calendar Class happened on February
b) It was agreed that a new project suggested by Tony
Bernhard should go forward. With a wireless expert and an
enterprise reporter Tony will negotiate an Enterprise article to
alert wireless users to their serious vulnerability to breaches of
their online security. This is an important issue and DCN will
attempt to find instructors for some classes in 'Wireless
Security." Richard Lowenberg has some prospects in mind and
will inquire if they are interested and available.
A subcommittee set up to work on this includes: Tony
Bernhard, Steve McMahon, Richard Lowenberg, Rob Nickerson,
and Tom Stanionis.

12. Committee, Director reports
IPC - Anne Hance reported that the IPC is busy doing
its normal reviewing of community group requests and is
having an ongoing discussion about itself - its name, and its
purpose, policies and procedures. Anne commented that the
committee is enjoying examining itself.

Web Team - Steve McMahon reported that the
Campaign finances are on line and up-to-date for the up-
coming March 2 elections.

TechOps - This committee needs to meet very soon to
make decisions about necessary new hardware - specifically, a
new applications server.

Executive Director -
a) Richard Lowenberg reported that DCN's finances are
in their normal fluctuating mode.
b) The first installment (Jan 1 - Jun 30, 2004) of the
Yolo County Elections Office MOU payment has been received
and deposited. This $12,000 has specific deliverables.
c) Richard is working on setting up a schedule of
d) Computers received by public donation are being
checked and distributed to community groups. Unusable ones
are recycled.
e) Richard will contract someone to work on the DCN
Website. This person will work with him and with the Web
f) DCN will be part of a project at the Davis Migrant
Camp. Jan Meizel and Davis High Students will be part of the

13. Announcements
Jim Frame reminded the Board that members are very
welcome at Executive Committee lunches on Fidays.

14. Adjournement: 6:59 P.M.
Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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