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March 16 2004

DCN Board Minutes March 2004

DRAFT until Approved

A duly called regular meeting of the Board of the Davis
Community Network was held
5:15 P.M., Tuesday, March 16, 2004
at the City of Davis Training Room
600 A Street.

Present: (8 of 14 active Board Members) Tony Bernhard, Tsui
Chang, Jim Frame, Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon,
Keith Prior, Tom Stanionis,
and Executive Director Richard Lowenberg.
Absent: Ronda Adams, John Jones, Jan Meizel, Robert
Nickerson, Richard Reid, Kimball Sargeant, Richard Yamagata
Visitor: Rajiv Seth (IPC member)

1. Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by V.P. Tony Bernhard at
5:15 P.M.
2. Agenda Approval:
The Agenda was approved, by consensus, as distributed.
3. Public Comment:
4. Minutes:
The minutes of the February 17, 2004 Board meeting were
approved, by consensus, as distributed.
5. Report - Cable Franchise Task Force
Steve explained that the I-Net Agreement with Comcast is
likely to go forward even though the cable franchise discussion
has been given another 3 month extension through the end of
6. Report - Community Media Center
A recent meeting convened by the County Library was very
well attended and enthusiastic. Discussion at that meeting
centered around partnering with the Library in a Library-Media-
Center building on land in Walnut Park deeded to the county
library system by the City of Davis. Potential partners in the
project with the Library are DCTV and DCN.
Richard Lowenberg and Steve McMahon are both representing
DCN in the discussions.
7. Fundraising report and discussion
a) Richard Lowenberg shared the progress of the current
fund raising effort. The Board suggested that the subcommittee
agree on a slogan to represent the essence of DCN and circulate
it to the Board for feedback. The subcommittee is helping
Richard Lowenberg develop materials which will have several
uses: for significant donors, for casual donors, and for the May
20 "Celebrate Davis" event.
b) Anne Hance suggested that it might benefit DCN in several
ways if there were an expected donation from every board
member. She suggested that there be no max or min amount.
Anne moved: that the Board adopt a practice of annual Board
contributions that would have no prescribed max or min amount
and would be voluntary, a "matter of principle." Seconded by
Tom Stanionis, the motion was approved. Anne agreed to draft a
bylaw to reflect this decision. The DCN benefits are the added
unrestricted income and the significance of a group whose Board
is 100% supportive both philosophically and financially.
c) Tom Stanionis wondered if DCN might raise money on its
website by inviting donations tthat would be processed via a
professional third party. The Web Team will look into the pros
and cons.
8. Report - May 20 Celebrate Davis
The subcommittee is working on the character of DCN's
presence at the event. They will bring proposed plans to the next
Board meeting for review. Board members with suggestions
should let Richard Lowenberg know. RL is also developing a t-
shirt design. The base cost is likely to be $8 per printed shirt.
9. Committee and Director Reports
Web Team:
Recent election activity has been very successful especially
the financial reporting that significantly reduces the City Clerk's
load by reducing phone calls and other requests for information.
The policy is to limit postings to those received from the City
Clerk's office. There is interest in posting election finances from
the County Clerk's Office. There is also interest in posting a
searchable database of County Recorder's Office information.
Tech Ops:
There is a good discussion in progress concerning updating
hardware. Velocipede demonstrated its inability to handle
computational pages promptly during the election results activity
in the last election. Some of the activity currently handled on
Velocipede needs to be moved to a new applications server.
The Information Providers Committee (IPC) is reviewing and
evaluating itself. Anne presented a committee motion: that the
IPC be renamed, to better reflect its current function, the
Resources Allocation Committee (RAC) with the name to
become active by July 1, 2004. Seconded by Tsui Chang the
motion passed unanimously.
Classes etc.
The wireless security project is moving ahead.
Richard Lowenberg has a schedule of possible classes to be
given by the Web Team and others.
8. Announcements: none
9. Adjournement: 6:32 P.M.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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