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June 15 2004

DCN Board Minutes June 2004

A duly called regular meeting of the Board of the Davis
Community Network was held
5:15 P.M., Tuesday, June 15, 2004
at the City of Davis Training Room
600 A Street.

Present: (8 of 15 active Board Members) Tony Bernhard, Tsui
Chang, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel,
Keith Prior, Kimball Sargeant, and Executive Director Richard
Absent: Ronda Adams, Rick Guidara, John Jones, Robert
Nickerson, Richard Reid, Tom Stanionis, Richard Yamagata.

Before a quorum was present there was conversation about the
success and benefits to DCN of participation in the May 20
"Celebrate Davis"

1. Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by president Kimball
Sargeant at 5:30 P.M.

2. Agenda Approval:
The Agenda was approved, by consensus, as distributed.

3. Public Comment:
No members of the public were in attendance.

4. Minutes:
The minutes of the May 17, 2003 were approved, by
consensus, as distributed.

5. Committee Reports:
TechOps: Steve reported that DCN has purchased
Barracuda which is being installed on the DCN mail server to
filter incoming mail of spam and viruses. This will
significantly reduce the load on the server. A new applications
server is still needed.

Web Team & RAC : About 50 potential DCN Calendar
users will be sent a letter inviting them to apply for a DCN
Calendar. The RAC will review the list of organizations and
consider pre-approving them for a Calendar so that the
timeline for processing requests is reduced. The aim is to
speed up the population of the Calendar.

6. Cable Franchise: Steve reported that on July 6 the Davis
City Council will respond to the Comcast Cable Franchise
offer. The offer does not meet the City's requirements as
determined by the Telecom Task Force over the past 3 years
and so the Task Force recommends that the offer be refused.
The City may make a counter offer.

7. The upcoming City Council Goals Forum project was
discussed. The forums are expected to be active for either two
(June 21- July 4) or three weeks (June 21 - July 11).

It had been planned that DCN Board members would be
moderators but as the discussion proceeded it transpired that a
better plan would be for Board members to monitor the
forums and communicate problems to a "super-moderator"
and one or more assistant moderators. Richard Lowenberg
will be the super-moderator responsible for taking any
moderation actions. All problems will be communicated to
Richard and he will either take action himself or delegate
action to David Siedband or Jim Frame.

Any Board member not at this evening's meeting who is
willing to be a forum monitor should contact Richard
immediately. Richard is to prepare a grid of forums and
monitors showing monitoring assignments.

Forum monitors and moderators will communicate using the
new cforum Mailing list. All monitors must register for the
forum 'Board' at and also
subscribe themselves to this Mailing List at

8. Adjournment: 6:40 P.M.

After the meeting the Board adjourned to the computers to
review the forums as already set up by David Siedband. Most
people also registered for the forums.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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