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September 21 2004

DCN Board Minutes September 2004

A duly called regular meeting of the
Board of the Davis Community Network
was held
5:15 P.M., Tuesday, Sep 21, 2004
at the City of Davis Training Room 600 A Street.

Present: (11 of 13 active Board Members) Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Rick Guidara,
Anne Hance, John Jones, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel, Keith Prior, Kimball
Sargeant, Tom Stanionis, Richard Yamagata, and Executive Director Richard
Absent: Tony Bernhard, Robert Nickerson, Richard Reid (on leave),

1. Call to Order The meeting was called to order by President Kimball
Sargeant at 5:17 P.M.
2. Agenda Approval The Agenda was approved, by consensus, as distributed.
( Discussion of a bylaw change regarding standing committees might be
discussed but no action will be taken until the issue has been officially noticed as
part of a Board agenda.)
3. Public Comment No members of the public were in attendance.
4. Minutes The minutes of the July 20, 2004 were approved, by consensus,
as distributed. (There was no Board meeting in August.)

5. DCN's role in the new Community Media Center
Richard Lowenberg reported on the recent 2 day scenario planning
session organized by DCTV, facilitated by Kevin Wolf, attended by about 20
people, and led by Dirk Koning consultant from the Grand Rapids Community
Media Center. Richard reported that the participants included a contingent from
the Yolo County Library System which is quite well advanced in planning for a
new library site on Walnut Park in South Davis. The scenario presented at the
sessions was of a community media facility designed and constructed to house
the library, DCTV, KDRT, DCN and perhaps other partners. The concept is an
exciting one especially if it develops as a creative integration of the missions,
goals, and program spaces of the partners. Kimball asked board members to
examine the Grand Rapids Community Media Center web site which illustrates
some very worthwhile ways in which DCN might participate.
It was generally agreed that DCN needs to crystallize its thinking about
how it would participate as a partner. A strong, creative, workable vision that
includes DCN could succeed in gathering momentum for the CMC concept even
if DCN is not able to bring funds into the picture.
Richard Lowenberg is participating in ongoing discussions with the
various parties and will keep the Board posted on developments. It was
suggested that it would be best to lobby hard for the big programmatic vision
(services and benefits) without deciding too many details about precisely how the
facility spaces would be used until later.
It appeared that Richard Lowenberg would need to start to put words to
the DCN's part in the big vision.

6. Community Calendar Update
Steve and Tsui reported on the success the DCN calendar is having. The
recent calendar class was full and another is scheduled for October 21. The City
should be participating soon.

7. Committee, Director Reports
The Web Team is busy with classes for Calendar, Mailman, and Simple
The RAC has a continuing stream of applicants with requests for DCN
The Executive Director reported that the revised DCN web being
constructed in Plone is proceeding more slowly than hoped but is looking very
good. The Elections Office MOU involves outreach into surrounding
communities and work on this aspect of the MOU is now gearing up. The Clerk
Recorders Office MOU involves building the infrastructure for technical support
and that document should be finished and signed by the end of September.
Richard met this week with DCN Treasurer Jim Frame to review DCN's financial
situation. They have set a meeting with Rob Nickerson to clarify past and future
scenarios. Richard will present the Annual Financial Report at the October
Board meeting.
8. Announcements
John Jones has a new job; Richard Lowenberg will be attending a
conference in Spokane on October 10-11; KDRT is having its grand opening this
week; Anne will be away for the November Board meeting and Jan offered to
take the minutes.
9. Adjournment: 6:50 P.M. Submitted by Anne
Hance, Secretary

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