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November 16, 2004

DCN Board Meeting Notes November 2004

DCN Board
NOTES November 16, 2004 meeting

There was no quorum
There was no agenda approval
No actions were taken

Rhonda Wiedenbeck and Tina Nerat from the
Redwood Technology Consortium

Discussion of the Community Media Center and cable
franchise planning:
-Richard Lowenberg reported
he met with T. Ahad and will advocate that DCN
manage I-Net and a sum of money to be determined
by all parties
- wants to develop applications and training
- at the 2x2x2 meeting the above was not discussed
- discussed goals and objectives
-DJUSD presented a proposal for joint powers
(City, School district and DCTV)
- next meeting Nov 17 (2x2x2)
- a call for proosals has not yet been made

Committee report
-RAC met last week and considered 4 proposals
Alan Brattesani facilitated
-Tsui Chang gave a workshop for PTA newsletters
which was well-received and is a forum for sharing
-The calendar was discussed
- Steve said that the Yolo County Elections Office
used DSCN servers with no problems. "It has become
routine and expected that people will get election
returns from the web."
- Richard said that there will be a class this Thursday
on "Mailman."
-Richard, Jan and Tsui will meet Dec. 2 at DHS about
the teacher websites- class to be held after winter

Report from visitors from Humbolt
- They have a grant for economic development
- they have an annual "tech expo"
- They have a volunteer board and are benchmarking
other groups in order to see how they can make a "better
electronic village."
-they are at a crossroads and will talk to Richard
-They are re-franchising cable and have discussed
with Motorola their "umbrella."
- There was discussion of where they'll go next.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 PM
The next meeting is to be decided by the executive committee.

respectfully submitted,
Jan Meizel

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