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January 18, 2005

DCN Board Minutes January 2005

Davis Community Network (DCN)

A duly called regular meeting of the
Board of the Davis Community Network was
Tuesday, JANUARY 18, 2005
at the City of Davis Training Room, 600 A
Street, Davis

Present, 10 members:Tony Bernhard, Tsui
Chang, Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, Steve
McMahon, Jan Meizel, Keith Prior,
Kimball Sargeant, Tom Stanionis, Richard
Yamagata, also Exec. Dir. Richard
Lowenberg.Absent: Jim Frame, John Jones,
Robert Nickerson, Richard Reid (on leave)

1. The meeting was called to order at
5:28:00 pm by President Kimball

2. The agenda was approved as previously

3. Minutes of October 20 Board Meeting
were approved by consensus.Note: The
November meeting failed to achieve a
quorum and no meeting was held in

4. No public comment

5. Bylaws Change concerning the
designation of committees of the
The following, which had been presented
previously at a meeting, was
approved by consensus:
V. Standing Committees
A. Designation of Committees
The Board may create or disband
standing committees of the corporation
from time to time as necessary to conduct
the business of the DCN. The name of a
standing committee may be changed by
action of that committee with the
approval of the Board or by suggestion of
the Board with the consent of the
affected committee. A new standing
committee may be added, or an existing
committee disbanded, by action of the
Board provided that notice of the
proposed action has been provided by the
Board and the affected committee at the
meeting prior to the one at which action
is to be taken.

6. CMC, cable franchise planning update
Steve reported that the 2x2x2 meetings
are continuing longer than originally
expected. They appear to be aiming for
the creation of a franchise commission.
The precise role and powers of such a
commission have not yet been determined.
It is expected that the role will include
advisory oversight of the franchise
income that will be distributed by the
City. It is hoped that the role will be
broad enough to include other
telecommunication and cable related
issues. There remains a question about
funding the I-Net in the context of the
division of the franchise funds between
the involved entities.

Several Board members recommended that
the 2x2x2 be reminded that DCN is written
in to the General Plan as the agent by
which certain City goals and objectives
are to be accomplished. It was pointed
out that DCN was the first and for some
years the only provider of access to and
information about Internet technologies.
Because some 2x2x2 members may not
understand DCN's role it might be a
helpful example to explain the result of
the work of the DCN Webteam and the
Resource Allocation Committee in making
freely available to local organizations
such resources as Mailman Lists, Simple
Web Sites, and the Community Calendar.

7. Strategic discussion - CMC,
relationship with DCTV, integration,
organizational changes
Richard Lowenberg distributed, without
discussion, a page showing roles and
spaces that would be appropriate for
DCN's use in the envisioned Community
Media Center building. Richard also
shared two diagrams. One described
possible partnership arrangements that
included DCTV, KDRT and DCN and how the
partnership might relate to a
Telecommunications Commission, the City
and other groups. The other diagram
showed, in a very general way, how
governance of a Public Media Partnership
might be organized.

8. Nominating committees for DCN Board
and Officers
A committee was formed to nominate for
re-election to 2-year terms those Board
members whose terms end in February 2005
as well as additional prospects. On this
committee are Keith Prior, Anne Hance,
and Richard Lowenberg. Richard will
invite either John Chiles or Ann Evans to
join this short-term committee.President
Kimball Sergeant appointed Steve McMahon,
himself, and Richard Lowenberg to a
committee to nominate officers for 2005-
06.These committees were approved by

9. Committee, Director reports
RAC: Anne reported that during the
calendar year 2004 the committee
considered and approved applications from
37 local groups. She further reported
that over the past few years at least 121
DCN Mailman Lists, 46 DCN Simple Web
Sites, and 30 Web Calendars have been
approved for free use by local groups.
Webteam and TechOps: Steve reported
that DCN's much needed applications
server selected for purchase is a Sun
Fire V20z estomated to cost about $4,000.
Executive Director: Richard reported
that there will be a Calendar class
offered on Jan 27; several donated
computers have been distributed, The DCN
Zope/Plone web pages describing DCN's
organization and work are about ready to
go live. They are currently at
and will go live on the Sun Fire V20z
server when it is up and running.
Richard informed the Board that he
has talked to the Executive Committee
about retiring from his current position
at an appropriate time in the not too
distant future. He would be interested,
if invited, then to join the DCN Board.
This information will affect discussions
about DCN's needs and functions in a
Community Media Center and as a partner
in a Public Media Partnership.

10. Announcements
Jan Meizel thanked Richard Lowenberg and
Tom Stanionis for speaking to Davis High
School classes recently.

11. Meeting adjourned at 7:03 pm.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

The next meeting will be February 15,

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