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June 20, 2006

DCN Board Minutes June 2006

Davis Community Network (DCN)

A duly called regular meeting of the
Board of the Davis Community Network was held
Tuesday, JUNE 20, 2006
at the City of Davis Training Room
600 A Street.

Present: Tony Bernhard, Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, John Jones, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Kimball Sargeant, Richard Yamagata, also Exec. Dir. Richard Lowenberg.

Absent: Brian Gegan, Rick Guidara, Tom Stanionis, Vicki Suter

1. Called to order at 5:22:00 pm by President Kimball Sargeant
2. Agenda approved as distributed
3. Minutes of April 18 2006 Board Meeting approved by consensus
Notes of May 16 2006 (non quorum) meeting approved
4. No public comment

5. Discussion ˆ Executive Director transition
In informal discussions, Kari Petersen has expressed some interest in assisting DCN in its executive staff transition. We discussed this prospect, aswell as the possibility of hiring a part-time administrative assistant.
a. Richard reported that after putting an ad for an administrative assistant on Craig's List he has had about 40 applications. He has sorted through these, sent "thank you but no" notes to most of them but has interviewed several and will interview several more tomorrow. He has a job description that was shared with the Executive Committee. The position tentatively cites 10 hours per week (flexible hours) at $15 per hour. Richard will arrange for a second interview with top candidates and will ask Kimball and/or Steve to be part of the interview
process. It is hoped that a hire can be accomplished before Richard leaves at the end of this month.
Rob offered to donate some staff time if this would help during the transition.
The intern, Don Hartman, will continue through the fall and is a valuable, part-time person doing some useful tasks and projects in the office.

b. We then discussed the fact that although Kari Petersen is very interested in helping DCN move into its next era she is not interested in the Executive Director position. Kari was president of DCN before Richard Lowenberg was hired and was until recently the Executive Director of DCTV. She is in working in
"new media" on a national level now, which is her real, long-term focus.

The following motion was made by Steve McMahon, seconded by Anne Hance and approved by consensus:

It is moved that: The Executive Committee is authorized
to hold discussions with Kari Petersen with a view to
her being hired as a contracted development consultant
to assist DCN with strategic planning, community and
new media and funding strategies.

The results of the strategic planning, which is already in process, are expected to include a recipe for the work of a new executive director. Richard has a contact who is somewhat interested but is currently in Chicago and would
need to relocate with his family. Several people recommended that we look for someone with a youthful view of the potential for DCN to serve its mission in some new ways. Richard's contact is in early 30s.

It was noted that the cost of the two new hires (administrative assistant and development consultant) must not exceed, and will preferably be less than, the amount currently budgeted for an executive director.

6. Follow-up discussion on issues, goals, and objectives from
DCN Strategic Planning Retreat

Richard had not received many Working Group Reports (requested by Kimball in a recent email) but distributed a two-sided page of goals he has developed based on strategic planning done so far that will serve as a basis for continuing
Board members were encouraged to bring the list to future meetings

Kimball asked Working Groups to meet and develop their plans in more detail as outlined in his email.

7. Committee reports
Kimball, Steve and Rick met recently with the new City Manager, Bill Emlen, to bring him up to speed about DCN. He does intend to have the
telecom commission set up.
RAC - Anne reported that the committee keeps busy.
Web Team - Steve reported that the election project went well and cooperated as usual with DCTV as well as the Elections Office.
There will be a Simple Site class on Thursday June 22.
Exec. Dir. Richard will do the usual End of Year Report, which includes the financial report and a projected budget for 2006-7. It will also outline the organization's activities during 2005-6.

The following motion was made by Anne Hance, seconded by Jan Meizel and approved by consensus:

It is moved that: the DCN Executive Committee is authorized
to develop a contract agreement with Richard to develop the
2005-2006 Annual Report after he has moved.

The agreement will include appropriate remuneration.

8. AnnouncementsThe farewell party for Richard at Kimball's house
on Friday June 23 will start at 6:30 p.m.

9. Adjournment 6:22 p.m.


Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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