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December 12, 2006

DCN Board Minutes December 2006

Davis Community Network (DCN)
[Secretary's note: The Nov. 21 meeting had no quorum]

A duly called regular meeting of the
Board of the Davis Community Network was held
Tuesday, DECEMBER 12, 2006
at the City of Davis Training Room
600 A Street.

Present 12 members: Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Brian Gegan, Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, John Jones, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Kimball Sargeant, Vicki Suter, Richard Yamagata, also Consultant Kari Peterson

Absent: Tony Bernhard, Tom Stanionis

1. Called to order at 5:19:00 pm by President Kimball Sargeant

2. Agenda approved as distributed - with correction of date of minutes to be approved.

3. No Public Comment

4. Minutes of October 17, 2006 Board Meeting approved by consensus on vote made by Steve McMahon and seconded by Jan Meizel

5. The City's newly formed Telecommunications Commission was briefly discussed. Steve McMahon and Jim Frame both expressed intent to apply. Others encouraged to apply too if interested.

6. Kari Peterson reported that the Rumsey "Digital Storytelling Initiative" proposal was submitted on time requesting $34,000 support. The funders have requested a meeting.

7. A Board Nominating Committee consisting of John Jones, Kari Peterson (Chair), Vicki Suter and Brian Gegan was approved by consensus.

8. Kimball Sargeant appointed (as per Bylaws) Jim Frame, Brian Gegan and Richard Lowenberg to an Officers nominating committee.

9. Strategic Planning - discussion, adoption of proposed work plan.
After discussion the distributed documents, "Draft Project Plan" and "Committee and Working Groups" were accepted on a vote by Anne Hance seconded by Vicki Suter.
Anne Hance asked that the status of the Internet Users Group (co-sponsored by DCN) be considered in light of the new strategic and work plans being developed.

Kari Peterson presented an alternate format listing of the Key Projects outlined in the accepted documents:

Key Projects:
1. Strategic Plan
2. Budget / Fund Development / MOUs
3. Staffing Plan / E.D. recruitment / Vista Volunteer
4. Recruit "New Blood" Board
5. Environmental Analysis /re-branding / marketing plan
6. Programmatic: Website re-vamp (Web Team)
Rumsey Dig Storytelling (E.C. / Kari)
7. Explore: New Tools (CMWG), Volunteers (VMWG),
Sustainability (TechOps), new equipment (TechOps),
Facilities / daVinci Lab (E.C.)
8. Commission (E.C.)

10. Committee Reports:
RAC: Anne Hance commented that, despite an Enterprise "Briefly" notice and a section in DCNews, RAC is receiving fewer applications than when ex E.D. Lowenberg was actively recruiting applicants. There was discussion about this and it was offered that perhaps the need has diminished and also that many people are going to Yahoo and Google instead. Anne thought this might be true for those in the community who are in tune with what Internet tools are and in what way they can be used by nonprofits. However, she suggested that there is a largish section of the community still not sufficiently aware of Internet tools to think about how they might help their organizations.

Steve McMahon pointed out that while the Yahoo and Google tools are much improved over the past couple of years we should remember that the DCN tools do more than simply provide a convenience for local groups they help to build a community of groups working in concert to enrich community awareness. This is particularly true of the Calendar.

11. Announcements.

12. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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