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February 20, 2007

DCN Board Minutes February 2007

Davis Community Network (DCN)

A duly called regular meeting of the
Board of the Davis Community Network was held
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
at the City of Davis Training Room
600 A Street.

Present: 8 members: Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel, Kimball Sargeant, Vicki Suter, Richard Yamagata, also Admin. Asst. Sheila Evans

Absent: Brian Gegan, Rick Guidara, John Jones, Robert Nickerson, Tom Stanionis,

1. Called to order at 5:20:00 pm by President Kimball Sargeant
2. Agenda approved as distributed
3. Minutes of May 20 Board Meeting approved by consensus with the addition of the second paragraph of item 5.
4. No public comment

5. Establish a DCN Advisory Board:
This issue had been assigned to the Executive Committee for preliminary discussion. Kimball Sargeant reported that, as agreed by the Exec. Comm., he contacted retiring board member Tony Bernhard who expressed interest in being involved. Kimball will meet with Tony and talk about how the committee might be set up - membership, charge, activities etc.

6. Report - Board nomination committee: election
On behalf of the committee, Vicki Suter, nominations committee member presented the slate for election. The slate comprised six members of the current board whose terms end this month and who are eager to continue for an additional 2-year term: Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Kimball sargeant, Richard Yamagata. The slate was elected by unanimous approval.

7. and 8. Vista volunteer for Spring plus Volunteer management plan.
These two agenda items were combined and presented by Vicki Suter on behalf of the Volunteer Management Working Group. Vicki had several handouts earlier versions of which had been shared with the Executive Committee. The handout had been distributed electronically to the Board before the meeting. The project is to be a phased one with several small pilots involving area nonprofits that would each assign a liaison to DCN. These liaisons would recruit volunteers from their respective NPOs to work with DCN on a project of specific interest and benefit to each individual NPO. In the first phase an NPO from each of three community sectors would be invited to participate. Four potential sectors were identified as possible cjoices:
a. New abilities
Jan Meizel volunteered to be the DCN Board member liaison for this sector.,

b. Neighborhood Associations
Vicki will contact Ann Brunette at City Hall and inquire
about which existing associations are appropriately
stable and sustainable.

c. Visual Arts Community

d. PTAs

The board approved, by consensus, the philosophy and direction of the Volunteer Management Working Group's proposal.

9. Work Plan - working group updates.
There were no further updates but TechOps and the CMWG have meetings set. The Finance and Fund Development Working Group has not yet met.

10. DCN By The Numbers.
Steve presented a draft of the planned 2-page (1 page, 2-sided) sheet. Several people had constructive comments and everyone was very pleased with draft. Steve will make some of the suggested changes and prepare a final draft.

11. Committee Reports
Steve and Anne reported that the Webteam and RAC continue their normal routines.

12. Announcements
Steve recommended that DCN be cautious about too liberal use of the term 'Web 2.0' because it has different meanings to different people depending upon their experience and interests; and because it tends to be intimidating or offputting to non-techy people.
Vicki offered to write a short paragraph - using real words without acronyms - explaining the meaning Web 2.0 in a practical, easy to relate to manner. Steve will look it over before it is circulated to Board members so that we can use 'friendly' words in our conversations about the web of the future - especially with people

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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