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May 15, 2007

DCN Board Minutes May 15, 2007

Davis Community Network (DCN)

A duly called regular meeting of the Board of the Davis Community Network was held
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
at the City of Davis Training Room 600 A Street.

Present: Tsui Chang, Jim Frame,  Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel, Kimball Sargeant,  Vicki Suter,  also Admin Asst Sheila Evans, and Vista Volunteer Rian Graves.

Absent: Brian Gegan, John Jones, Robert Nickerson, Tom Stanionis, Richard Yamagata,

1.  Called to order at 5:20 pm by President Kimball Sargeant
2.  Agenda approved as distributed at the meeting
3.  Minutes of April 17  Board Meeting approved by consensus with the following amendment:
    9.      Volunteer Management Plan - update
    In Vicki Suter's absence Kari asked if the Board would
    approve a melding of three groups: Volunteer Management,
    Community Media Working Group, and the GSM Project.
    The board concurred informally.

    9.      Volunteer Management Plan - update
    In Vicki Suter's absence Kari asked if the Board would
    approve synchronizing the work of three groups:
    Volunteer Management, Community Media Working Group,
    and the GSM Project; with the work of the CMWG being put
    temporarily on hold until DCN's direction becomes more
    clear.  The board concurred informally.

4.  No public comment

5.  Request from Board Member Brian Gegan for 6 months leave of absence.
    Motion to approve Brian Gegan's request:
    moved by Steve McMahon and seconded by Jan Meizel,
    the motion was passed by consensus.

6.  Vista Volunteer Rian Graves briefly spoke about her work in the PeaceCorps before coming to DCN.

7.  Vista Volunteer Planning & Volunteer Management Plan update.
    Vicki Suter passed round a handout and spoke about
the plans for May and June in which she and Rian will
    a) research and prepare a report on volunteer management,
    b) develop a functional requirement list for DCN volunteer
     c) create a beta prototype volunteer management site
          using existing DCN applications,   and
    d) run a pilot of a limited recruitment campaign for DCN
        Web Team volunteers using prototype system and processes.
Vicki will post the handout outlining the plan on the DCN pages of the Open Plans website. The proposed plan works well for achieving the required Vista Program deliverables.
    Vicki and Rian meet from 1-3pm every Thursday.
    Kimball, Vicki, Kari and Rian meet every Monday morning.

8. First Vista report.
    Rian explained she will be doing a considerable amount of research for a draft report at the end of June. She will also be working at celebrate Davis as a DCN ambassador but will also circulate around the booths with Vicki  to get to know more about the community.
    Rian and Sheila recently reviewed the DCN websites (community portal and the DCN Plone site) with "user eyes."  They wrote up a report with suggestions for needed improvements.
    A required CTC Training Conference outside Boston in mid June will be attended by Rian, and Kimball as her supervisor.

9.  GSM market research project update
    The GSM team has held a focus group session and has a survey, for users of DCN resources, on line on SurveyMonkey.

10.  Celebrate Davis May 17
    The pens will be ready and Tsui will pick them up.
    DCN has been assigned a 1pm set-up time. Sheila and Kimball are keeping track of who has offered to help throughout the afternoon.
    Jim has made some excellent posters.

11.  City of Davis Telecommunications Commission.
    Both Steve and Jim are members of the commission which held its first meeting last week and elected Steve to be Chair.

12. Committee and Working Groups Reports:
    RAC:  Anne reported on the full Plone site approved for use by I-House.  Tsui will be DCN's facilitator for the I-House project and reported that the I-House  directors and Board members whom she has talked to are is excited at the potential for this resource but will move forward in a measured manner.
    WebTeam:  Steve reported that he has imported the MajorDomo DCNews list of names (2,380 or so) into a Mailman List.  This should alleviate the formatting and delivery problems that have plagued us recently.
    Steve has also completed the task of setting up the secure, online database that will allow members of the public to identify and locate - via the Recorders website - public documents held by the Yolo County Recorders Office.

13.  The June 19 Board Meeting
    Kimball will be at the Vista Training Conference and there are plans to  hold a working session at this meeting (with no official business.)   Details will be forthcoming.

14.  Announcements
    Board members are strongly urged to attend the 6:30pm Simple Site class on Thursday, May 24.  The class is a good introduction to the Plone content management system on which DCN is focusing its energies.
    The Spanish E-mail Class will be held on May 17 in case any of the 'possibles' do attend.  It will be advertised again for October.

15.  Meeting adjourned  at 6:50 pm.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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