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October 16, 2007

DCN Board Minutes October 2007

Davis Community Network (DCN)

A duly called regular meeting of the Board of the Davis Community Network was held
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
at the City of Davis Training Room, 600 A Street.

Present: Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, Steve McMahon,  Kimball Sargeant,  Vicki Suter,  also Sheila Evans and Rian Graves
Absent or on leave:  Brian Gegan, Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Tom Stanionis,  Richard Yamagata.

1.  Called to order at 5:20:00 pm by President Kimball Sargeant
2.  Agenda approved as distributed
3.  No public comment
4.  Minutes of September 18 Board Meeting approved by consensus

5. Database Working Group
     Report by Vicki Suter and Rian Graves:
    DCN has had access for several days to a 30-day trial version of Salesforce, and the application to the Salesforce Foundation for approval as a non-profit eligible for free use of a full, multi-user accounts has been approved. Vicki and Rian attended a 90 minute Salesforce "Webinar" on this Tuesday morning and pronounced it excellent and very enlightening.
    Vicki will call a meeting of the Database Working Group next week to start outlining how to design the database for DCN's several uses. Apparently the database is very customizable.

6. Odd Fellows bingo fund-raising event
     General discussion introduced by Anne Hance:
         Based on communications from Richard Yamagata (an IOOF member), and at his invitation attending the first IOF Bingo Game, it seems clear that participation as a beneficiary would be a good thing for DCN.
    Vicki moved, seconded by Anne, that the Executive Committee write to the appropriate IOOF officer requesting a specific Bingo date from which to receive the benefit and outlining the ways in which DCN already provides support for the IOOF (in the form of free DCN tools authorized for use by DCN's RAC). Also in the letter will be a suggestion of ways in which DCN is able to spread the word to encourage community members to attend the game. The motion passed by consensus.

7.  Simple Sites for local candidates/measures
      General discussion introduced by Kimball Sargeant:
    This issue has resurfaced as a result of questions raised by several community members. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation DCN is regulated by the IRS in connection with real or apparent political support. But the issue is complex because it is not confined to DCN's provision of free resources to political candidate/issue committees.
    Currently DCN provides only the use of a calendar for political purposes and does not allow use of other tools but the DCN name and logo do appear on several candidate websites hosted by a different entity. This is creating confusion on the part of some candidates who question DCN's apparently random support.
    It was agreed that once the current election period is over DCN should address the issue and develop more consistent policies and practices.
    Meanwhile Rick will again consult with the City attorney about ways in which the City MOU might affect DCN's involvement with political issues.

8. When to hire an Executive Director - Update.
     General discussion introduced by Kimball Sargeant:
    The unfortunate situation was encapsulated in the statement, "We need one; we don't have one; we can't afford one." To overcome this there are renewed efforts toward an additional MOU. Also, the point was raised that it is common for a company or an organization to start a project without the total necessary budget in hand but with a clear, written job description and step-by-step objectives aimed at achieving the necessary funds in a timely manner.
    This issue was returned to the Executive Committee for further study.

9. Volunteer Management Program
     Report by Vicki Suter and Rian Graves:
    Considerable time and effort are being expended in this area, which has deliverables within DCN's agreement with AmeriCorps Vista CTC.  The materials being developed are currently on "Open Plans" and will be translated into user-friendly web pages and supporting materials.
      Sheila Evans and Rian circulated a draft brochure prepared for the up-coming Community Services Fair at UCD. The plan is to recruit volunteers at the Fair and seek out some local nonprofits that have potential as pilots for the Volunteer Management Program.

10. Committee Reports
       Resource Allocation Committee - no report
       Web Team
              Report by Steve McMahon:
    There has been a concern communicated to the Web Team Chair over the issue that political donations are listed on the web and are easily findable by whoever looks for them. This was discussed but no reaction determined.

11. Announcements
       Steve McMahon has been elected to the International Plone Foundation Board of Directors. Congratulations were offered to Steve on this prestigious honor.

       Rick Guidara reported that the City is replacing some computers and DCN might inform him if it has identified a need in the community where these might be appropriately placed.
      Rick also encouraged Board members to take a look at the City Website for the results of a survey recently conducted by the City.

12. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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