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August 19, 2008

DCN Board Minutes August 2008

Davis Community Network (DCN)
APPROVED September 16, 2008

A duly called regular meeting of the
Board of the Davis Community Network was held
Tuesday, AUGUST 19, 2008
at the City of Davis Training Room, 600 A Street.

Present (10): Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Brian Gegan, Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon, Kimball Sargeant, Vicki Suter, Richard Yamagata.
Absent (4): Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Bev Sykes, Tom Stanionis

1.  Called to order at 5:25:00 pm by President Kimball Sargeant
2.  Agenda approved as distributed
3.  No public comment
4.  Minutes of May 20, 2008 Board Meeting approved by consensus

5.  Non-profit Internet toolkit Pilot Project
    Update presented by Vicki Suter
      Vicki passed round a 6 page handout titled, "Nonprofit Internet Toolkit Pilot Projects Summary, Recommendations and Status Update 8-19-08" The report outlined the work of the project team, led by Vicki and Kari, with six local nonprofits. The project goal is to pilot a new DCN program for nonprofits that will provide an upgraded set of free resources and guidance to local area organizations.

One pilot nonprofit, California Bicycle Museum, has withdrawn and Vicki invited Russ Hobby to consider having the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association take its place.

6. Location for September meeting
    Board member Brian Gegan has invited the Board to meet at Rominger West Winery on 2nd Street, Davis on September 16 at the usual time but extending after business has been dealt with to allow for a special wine tasting and appetizers with nonalcoholic drinks available.  Everyone thought this a grand idea and thanked Brian for the invitation.
    Rick reminded the Board that the Training Room is scheduled to be divided into two spaces by the installation of a wall across the middle of the room. The resulting smaller space containing  the semi circle of computers should be available in November but might no longer be particularly convenient for Board meetings.

7.  Committee Reports
    RAC:  Kimball informed the Board that Anne Hance has resigned as chair of the RAC. The committee will be chaired by a Jan Meizel and Richard Yamagata partnership (maybe with Jan as chair and Richard as deputy chair.)  Richard reported that at the August 18 meeting 3 projects had been awarded resources.

    Web Team:  Steve reported a distressing phishing incident recently in which several DCN subscribers responded to a phishing email by submitting their passwords. Their accounts were compromised but Omsoft, DCN Systems Manager John Crowell and Steve McMahon worked hard to contain the problem and mend fences.
    Steve also reported that the DJUSD new website hosted on DCN will 'go live' on Monday, Aug 25.
    On a motion by Steve, seconded by Vicki the Board agreed by consensus to the expenditure of $4-500 for the purchase of more RAM for DCN's Crank server.
    Fall classes will happen in September and early October but a suitable location must be found since the Training Room may not be available.

Meeting adjourned  at 6:30:00 pm.

Next meeting September 16, 5:15 pm at Rominger West Winery

Submitted by Anne Hance, Secretary

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