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November 18, 2008

DCN Board Minutes November 2008

Davis Community Network (DCN)
APPROVED Jan 20, 2009

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting
November 18, 2008
5:30 p.m. at 1818 5th Street, (City Corporate Yard) Davis

Members Present (9):  Jim Frame, Brian Gegan, Rick Guidara, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon, Kimball Sargeant, Vicki Suter, Bev Sykes.
(14 active members; quorum = 8)

Members absent (5): Tsui Chang, Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Tom Stanionis, Richard

Also present: Sheila Evans

1.      The meeting was called to order by president Sargeant at 5:35 p.m.
2.      Agenda was approved as distributed.
3.      Public comment  - none
4.      The minutes of the 09/16/08 Board meeting were approved by consensus
         The notes from 10/21/08 meeting were also approved.
Both will be uploaded to the Web to provide continuity even though the note of 10/21/08 are not minutes because no quorum was present.

5.      DCN Contribution
        Brian Gegan presented the Board with a $2,000 donation from VSP (Vision Service Plan) and it was received with applause for the company's generosity and Brian's efforts on DCN's behalf.

6.      Non-profit Internet toolkit Pilot Project
        Vicki Suter gave a quick update of progress including mention of the recent Fair at which the League of Women Voters had expressed interest in participating in a second series of pilots in the spring. 
        The Board approved by consensus a second series of three or four pilot nonprofits for next spring. 
        Vicki would like to involve a specific UCD Fraternity to provide a team of about six additional pilot "experts" and she is willing to continue as the project leader.

7.      TeleCom Comm'n - Report and discussion
        Steve McMahon, with Jim Frame and Rick Guidara, reported on the November 13, 2008 City of Davis Telecommunications Commission public meeting.  Steve noted that it was well attended and that after brief presentations by Commission members serving as representatives from DCN, Davis Community Television (DMA), Davis Joint Unified School District, and UC Davis the meeting was opened for public comment.  About 25 people spoke and several spoke well about DCN's work in the community on behalf of local nonprofit groups.
        Jim reminded the Board that it is now time to address the city adopted resolution and staff report regarding the cable franchise funding for next year in which DCN is to "prepare a detailed assessment and draft plan for community uses of the Institutional Network. It is assumed that there are viable, valuable and eligible community uses of the I-Net. This assessment would create the basis for these uses, the eligibility of the uses, a plan for the development and general operation of the community uses, a description of how these uses would be funded and maintained and a plan to implement community uses, as feasible."

8.      Yolo Elections Debrief
        Steve McMahon reported that the queriable databases he created for the Yolo County Elections Office made an impressive amount of very useful information about the election process and voters' status available to the public. The databases had tremendous usage by the public.

9.      Committee reports 
        RAC: Jan was unable to attend but had reported to Kimball that one application has been received recently by the RAC. Steve guessed that it would have been from the Davis Bike Club and noted that he will be speaking to their board shortly.

10.     Announcements none

11.     The meeting was adjourned by president Sargeant at 6:25 p.m.

NEXT BOARD MEETING:  December 16, 2008

Submitted by Secretary Anne Hance

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