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July 21, 2009

DCN Board Notes July 2009

Davis Community Network
Approved September 15, 2009

A regular meeting of the Board of the Davis Community Network
was called for Tuesday, July 21, 2009
5:15 - 6:13 p.m in the  City Computer Lab
600 A Street. Davis

Seven board members gathered (Chang, Frame, Gegan, Guidara, Hance, Sargeant and Suter; and Evans) which was not a quorum so the meeting was not called to order and no business was conducted.

However, we carried on some useful and interesting conversations as follows.

1.  Strategic Plan
    The draft 2009 - 2012 plan just completed by Kari was discussed in terms of how to review it efficiently while allowing input from board members. We agreed that it should be put into Google Docs (Tsui offered to do this) and board members asked to comment.  Kari is most interested in getting comments about the 'Scope of Services' section.
    The comments will be discussed at the next board meeting and/or at one or more executive committee meetings.
    We agreed that the use of the word "technology" in reference to DCN's sphere of interest should be qualified by the use of the word "Internet" in order to make it quite clear that DCN's work has a focus.  So, DCN's area of interest is "Internet technology or technologies."   

2. Omsoft-DCN contracts
    Two contracts are in the process of completion:
    a.  the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Omsoft for the provision of Internet access services to DCN subscribers, and networking support and consultation services to DCN.
    b.  theSysAdmin agreement (DCN Systems Administrator contract) for services recently taken over by Omsoft.

Board members will be provided with confidential draft copies for information and comment.

It is time to start looking at the MOU between DCN and the City of Davis.

3. DCN Facebook project  
    Summer schedules are slowing the progress of the DCN Facebook experiment. A fan page has already been set up by Bev but will not be made public for probably a couple of months because the profile icon and has to be approved and more importantly the focus of the page. The current thinking is that the page's senior administrator (my words) will, with input, post a spotlight every few weeks. The spotlight is expected to be about area nonprofits that are the focus of DCN's  work.
    There was discussion about having inservice for board members (us) provided by individuals on the board who are competent on Faceook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn etc. Perhaps one app per board meeting for 30 minutes?

    There was also unresolved discussion about how much effort DCN should go to to teach the public about these Web 2.0 apps that are not part of the DCN suite.

4. Broadband stimulus program
    Rob has mentioned the possible availability (with hard work and creative, intelligent thinking!) of Federal Broadband stimulus funding. We must give this serious, focused thought.

5. New Board member recruiting
    The committee (chair is Brian) has been making some good contacts with several individuals. No prospect yet found  to fill our sorely needed fund raising expertise (and willingnes to do it for us) so please forward ides at Brian at  HYPERLINK ""

These are informal notes about our converations, they are not "minutes" of a meeting

NEXT BOARD MEETING: August 18, 2009

Anne Hance, DCN board Secretary

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