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November 17, 2009

DCN Board Minutes, November 2009

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting
November 17, 2009 at 5:15 p.m.
City Computer Lab, A Street, Davis, CA

Members Present (8): Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Brian Gegan, Rick  Guidara, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon,  Kimball Sargeant,
Members Absent (6) Jan Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Tom Stanionis, Bev Sykes, Vicki Suter, Richard Yamagata
Staff:  Sheila Evans
Visitors:  Teri Greenfield (elected to the board and 'seated' during the meeting

1. Call to Order 5:19 p.m.
2. The agenda was approved by consensus
3. Public comment: None
4. The minutes of the 10/20/09 regular board meeting were approved by consensus

5. Election of a new Board Member:
           A motion was made by Brian Gegan and seconded
           by Jim Frame to elect Teri Greenfield to the board.
           The motion passed unanimously.
Teri's term will end in February 2012.

6. Branding follow-up report
           Kari Peterson took the board step by step through a proposed 'brand protocol' - a set of procedures describing how the OPC (Outreach and Promotions Committee) functions when issues of our branding are involved in any DCN activity.  Rick Guidara made the request that the protocol address the issue of software consistency. Kimball Sargeant recommended that wording relating to changes and updates be adjusted. Kari took both requests under advisement.
           Tsui Chang moved and Jim Frame seconded a
           motion for the Executive Committee to review all
           of the branding issues and materials recently
           presented to the board by Kari.
           The motion was approved by consensus.
Kari will call a meeting of the OPC as soon as possible in order to keep up the momentum.

7. Report on Da Vinci Academy internship Project (Sheila, Tsui)
           Sheila Evans and Tsui reported that the Da Vinci Internship Project is now 'in Matt Best's court' but that they understand that Da Vinci is fully committed to the project. As the plan stands now, students will be identified before the winter break and a schedule of classes will happen in January 2010.

8. Report on fund-development seminar attended by Sheila and volunteer Alli Lathrop.
           Sheila reported that all sections she attended stressed the overriding importance of relationship building with individuals, agencies, organizations, corporations and businesses. Spending time and effort on fund raising events was discouraged especially in this time of lack-luster economy.  
           Cultivating relationships will involve DCN in creating communications materials such as a slide show, brochure and an invigorated DCNews. This will involve the re-juvenated OPC.
           Sheila handed out a page on 'Cause Marketing' prepared by Alli Lathrop who was unable to attend the meeting.

9. Report on Plone Meeting in Budapest  - postponed

10. Board recruitment report - Brian Gegan
           Brian expressed his pleasure at the election of Teri to the board and remarked that there remain at least two more board skill sets to find candidates for: Fund Development and Education Outreach.  The committee has some prospects and will continue working to find the right candidates.

11. Committee reports  - no Web Team or RAC reports
           Tsui reported on the series of classes, which is just coming to an end with a continuation blogging class on Thursday, November 19. Reviews from participants have been good and Tsui expressed her opinion that the List set up for the blogging class was a great precedent and should be emulated for other classes as appropriate.

12. Announcements  - none
13. Adjournment 6:48

Humbly submitted,
Anne Hance, Secretary

NEXT BOARD MEETING: December 15, 2009

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