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April 20, 2010

DCN Board Minutes April 2010

Approved May 18, 2010

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting

April 20, 2010 at 5:15 p.m.
City Computer Lab, A Street, Davis, CA

Members Present (8): Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon, Jan Meizel,  Kimball Sargeant (Chair),
Participating by speaker phone (1): Brian Gegan,
Members Absent (2): Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata
Also attending: City Liaison: Rick Guidara,

1. Call to Order 5:20 p.m. by President Kimball Sargeant
2. The agenda was approved by consensus
3. Public comment: None
4. The minutes of the 3/16/10 regular board meeting were approved by consensus.
5. Announcement (Rick Guidara)
    Rick informed the board that he will be moving from his City of Davis position in about two weeks in order to start a new job in Eldorado County. Kimball Sargeant expressed, on behalf of the board, sincere appreciation for Rick's work with DCN.

6. Follow-up on DMA contact (Kimball Sargeant)
    Kimball reported a constructive meeting with Pete Peterson who is a member of the DMA (Davis Media Access) board. They discussed the functions of DMA and DCN and agreed that it would be productive to attempt a joint project. They plan to meet again.

7. Strategic Financing Discussion in Executive Session
    No action.

8. DCN Advisory Board - bylaws change, next steps (Kimball Sargeant)
    Kimball presented a draft amendment to the DCN bylaws that would create a DCN Advisory Board. After some discussion the draft was assigned to the Executive Committee for refinement – to be brought back to the board for approval at the May board meeting.
9. Celebrate Davis! – planning (Teri Greenfield, Tsui Chang,)
    Teri reported that the theme is to focus on social media, including the two new social media classes, with posters and a drawing for a prize (entrants to be DCN Fans from Facebook.)  New t-shirts are planned. Sheila will send out a sign-up sheet for help at the booth.

10. Board recruitment report (Brian Gegan, Russ Hobby)
    Brian reported on a good conversation with a potential board candidate who has some practical interest in developing online course for high schoolers. The candidate will be invited to the Executive Committee lunch meeting on April 30.

11. OPC (Outreach & Publicity) slideshow update (Teri Greenfield)
    Teri reported that the slide show is progressing well and should be ready soon.

12. Committee reports
    RAC:  Jan talked about the interaction with people who submit project proposals. The instructions given to approved projects include contacting the web team (Steve McMahon) by email and several board members recommended the inclusion of the phone number for the DCN Admin (Sheila Evans) so that there is a contact method that all should be comfortable with.
    Web Team: Steve reported that the DJUSD website developed in Plone on the DCN server with DCN support is now moving as planned onto the District's own servers. Congratulations deserved all round.

13. Announcements – none

14. Adjournment 6:30


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