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September 21 , 2010

DCN Board Minutes September, 2010 (No August Meeting)

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting

September 21, 2010 at 5:15 p.m.

City Computer Lab, A Street, Davis, CA


There was no August 2010 Board Meeting


Members  Present  (8): Tsui Chang, Jim Frame, Teri  Greenfield,  Anne Hance,   Jan  Meizel, Robert Nickerson, Kimball  Sargeant (Chair), Richard Yamagata.

Board Candidate:  BillBuchanan

Members  Absent (3): Brian  Gegan,  Russ Hobby, Steve McMahon,


1. Call to Order 5:19 p.m. by President Kimball Sargeant

2. The agenda was approved by consensus

3. Public comment: None

4.  The  minutes of the 07/20/10 meeting regular board  meeting  were approved by consensus


5. Board nomination committee report

                  Brian Gegan attended the meeting by phone. He introduced board candidate Bill Buchanan and nominated him for election to the Board to complete a 2-year term ending in February 2012. The motion was seconded by Tsui Chang and approved unanimously.


6. Telecommunications Commission report

                  Jim Frame noted that a City Council Sub-Committee on City Commissions has recommended some commission changes including the dissolution of the Telecommunications Commission perhaps replacing it with a one-year task force.


7. City Media Grant report and discussion

                  Kimball Sargeant, Teri Greenfield and Tsui Chang will try to meet with Deputy City Manager Kelly Stachowicz to bring her up to date with DCN activities and ask for clarification of the proposed City Media Grant process.


8. Fall classes report

                  It was agreed that we need to look critically at class descriptions to ensure that we are describing our classes in ways that will attract attendees because the classes are clearly useful and interesting.


9. Board recruitment update

                  Brian commented that there are no active candidates at the moment and he is very interested in receiving suggestions.


10. Committee reports

                  RAC:                   Jan Meizel reported that the RAC is updating and improving the RAC Web pages and is interested in receiving suggestions for potential new committee members.

                  Web Team:                   No report

                  OPC:                  New board member Bill Buchanan will be added to the OPC List so that he can contribute to the committee activities.


11. Announcements: At the Oct 7 School Board Meeting Jan will make a presentation about the fact that there is no longer any Computer Science Class at Davis Senior High School, which is a serious omission.


12. Adjournment at 6:05 p.m.


Humbly submitted Anne Hance, Secretary

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