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November 16, 2010

DCN Board Minutes November 2010

Approved December 20, 2010

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting

November 16, 2010 at 5:15 p.m.

City Computer Lab, A Street, Davis, CA


Members Present  (7): Bill Buchanan, Jim Frame, Teri Greenfield, Anne Hance, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Kimball Sargeant (Chair), 

Members Absent (4): Tsui Chang, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, and Richard Yamagata. 


1. Call to Order 5:19 p.m. by President Kimball Sargeant

2. The agenda was approved by consensus with the sequence of items adjusted as listed herein.

3. Public comment: None

4. The minutes of the 10/19/10 regular board meeting were approved by consensus


5. Computerworld Honors Program - DCN nomination

Jan Meizel introduced the information about the "2011 Computerworld Honors Program" that is soliciting nominations of organizations that 'use information technology to benefit society.'  

Jan suggested that the 'innovation' category best suits a nomination of DCN and after some general discussion Bill Buchanan offered to draft a nomination. The submission deadline is January 21, 2011. The nomination must include "a detailed description of the project, its benefits to society, the role played by information technology in furthering the project, and the ways in which this use of information technology is original or innovative." Award Winners will be announced in the spring and honored on June 20, 2011 in Washington, DC.


6. Appointment of Board Nominating Committee

Kimball noted that DCN has been functioning with an adhoc "standing committee" for several years and that this suits the organization better than the short-term committee described in the bylaws. There was general agreement and a bylaw revision will be considered. The committee currently has two members, Russ Hobby and Kari Peterson. Kimball Sargeant volunteered to be the third member as required in the current bylaw section B of Article III.

7. Appointment of Officer Nominating Committee

Kimball will ask Brian Gegan, recently retired from the Board to join Jim Frame and one other person on the Officer Nominating Committee (Bylaw Article VI Section D.) Kimball reminded the Board that he will not be running for president in our coming election.


8. City Media Grant – brainstorming session

Steve McMahon was not present at the meeting and because his input is required for the technical hardware and software aspects of the application Teri Greenfield and Kimball will try to arrange a meeting with him. General discussion of the content and direction of the grant request gave Teri some additional ideas. She continues to refine the request, which is already in draft form on Google Docs.


9. Committee reports

Web Team: none

RAC:  Jan Meizel reported that this month's one applicant withdrew temporarily in order to ask the applicant group for more direction.

OPC:  Teri Greenfield reported that the DCN Website redesign and the City of Davis Media Grant application are progressing well. Teri reminded us that we have been 'awarded' a simple link 'ad' on the local blog "The Davis Voice."


10. DCN holiday party - Dec. 12th

Kimball issued an invitation to his holiday party and noted that he will send out a formal invitation. He is considering using "Evite."

11. Announcements  - none

12. Adjournment 6:19pm

NEXT BOARD MEETING: December 21, 2010

Humbly submitted, Anne Hance, Secretary <>

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