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January 18, 2011

DCN Board Minutes January 2011

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting 
January 18, 2011 5:15 - 6:07 p.m.
City Computer Lab, A Street

Members present (6): Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Russ Hobby,  Kimball Sargeant,  
Members absent (5): Jim Frame, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata
Others present: Sheila Evans, Office Manager

1. Call to Order at 5:20 pm
2. Agenda approved by consensus as distributed with no changes. 
3. Public comment - none
4. Minutes of 12/20/10 meeting were approved by consensus with no changes.

5. Proposed amendment to Bylaws re eligibility of employees for election to the DCN Board  

Text of proposed amendment to DCN Bylaws

Article III

    B. Recruitment and Selection: Procedures

           2. In selection of members of the Board, there shall be no discrimination based on sex, age, race, religion, disability, sexual preference or ethnic origin. The first consideration in identifying and selecting Board members shall be the qualifications of the prospective candidates and what they can contribute to DCN; as a secondary consideration, the nominating committee and Board shall endeavor to maintain a diverse Board. 

[Deleted: No member of DCN's paid staff shall serve as a member of the Board.]

[Added:] No more than one employee of DCN shall serve as a voting member of the board of directors at one time.  An employee-board member, or a Board member seeking employment with the organization, shall withdraw temporarily from Board deliberation and voting when the matter under consideration is deemed a conflict of interest, such as compensation or continued employment.  An employee-board member shall not be eligible to serve as chair or treasurer of the board.

Motion to approve the amendment moved by Anne Hance, seconded by Bill Buchanan
Passed unanimously

6. Report of Board Nominating Committee by Russ Hobby

Nominees (7): Tsui Chang, 

Sheila Evans, 

Jim Frame, 

Anne Hance, 

Steve McMahon, 

Kimball Sergeant, 

Richard Yamagata


Motion to elect the slate of nominees for two-year terms moved by Anne Hance, seconded by Bill Buchanan passed unanimously.


7. Report of Officer Nominating Committee by Kimball Sergeant

Nominees: President: Teri Greenfield

Vice President: Bill Buchanan

Secretary: Anne Hance

Treasurer: Jim Frame


Motion to elect the slate of Officers to one-year terms moved by Kimball Sergeant, seconded by Tsui Chang passed unanimously


8. Acceptance remarks

Both Teri and Bill expressed their pleasure at being able to contribute to the work of DCN. 


9. City media grant – report 

Kimball reported on the progress of DCN's grant application to the City and noted that we had received a request for some clarifications which will be dealt with in a revision of the request to be delivered promptly to the City.  The applications will be before the City Council at a February meeting.


10. Computerworld Honors Program Application – report

Bill reported that the deadline for the application has been extended until February 25 but he has already submitted the form on behalf of DCN and has been notified that it was received.


11. Committee reports

Web Team: There will be a series of classes offered in March and April. Steve has adjusted the RAC application form so that the applicant name will now appear in the subject line. 

RAC:   Several applications were approved at the last meeting. Board iscussion this evening revealed the need for a new type of help/informationsheet for RAC projects that would explain why DCN tools are a good choice. Sheila will create a list of benefits and Anne will create the draft Help Sheet.

OPC: Teri reported that the OP Committee is continuing ongoing work.


12. Announcements

• Bill reported that a KDRT "Davisville" interview he did with Kimball can now be accessed by listening to re-runs or by listening to the archived podcast at

• Teri will put out a DCNews that will include explanations of the benefits to local nonprofits of continuing with DCN as they work on transferring IT responsibilities to a new set of volunteers in 2011-2012


13. Adjournment 6:14 pm


Humbly submitted

Anne hance <


NEXT BOARD MEETING: February 15, 2011

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