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March 15, 2011

DCN Board Minutes March 2011

Davis Community Network Board of Directors Meeting
March 15, 2011
5:15 - 6:00 p.m.
City Training Roomb, A Street, Davis

Members Present (10): Bill Buchanan, Tsui Chang, Sheila Evans, Jim Frame, Anne Hance, Teri Greenfield, Russ Hobby, Jan Meizel, Steve McMahon, Kimball Sargeant, 
Absent (2): Robert Nickerson, Richard Yamagata

1.            Call to Order by Chair Teri Greenfield at 5:17

2.            Agenda approved by consensus 

3.            No public comment

4.            Approval of minutes of the 2/15/11 meeting was by consensus. 

5.            Update on City Media Grant progress (Teri, Steve)

                        Teri reported that the Macbook Pro has arrived and just needs to be picked up from the bookstore. She is researching video cameras to make sure we get one with good sound-recording capabilities.

            Steve is waiting to confer with Rob but has defined what he believes to be the needed aspects of the new server.

            We re-affirmed our decision that Sheila is the grant manager to keep things moving, maintain records and provide reports as needed. etc.  

6.            Spring Classes - report (Tsui)                       

                        Tsui reminded the board that eleven Spring Classes for our nonprofit clients and the public are starting on March 29, 2011.with Teri's class on, "Learning how to Configure Your Facebook Settings for Security and Privacy."

7.            Celebrate Davis (Teri)           

                        Teri reported on the conversation at the recent OPC meeting. DCN will participate in the upcoming "Celebrate Davis" in May. The focus of the booth will be on "celebrating volunteers." Sheila, Kari and Scott will work on the design for the imprint on a vertical pop-up banner (aka flying banner or flag banner)

8.            Committee reports

                        RAC:  One applicant this last month. The RAC is assisting with the OPC's 'volunteer transition' project.

                        Web Team:  Busy with regular business and the City Media Grant project.

                        OPC: Has a lot going on and is moving forward with all of the projects including the website renewal, the volunteer succession package, the slide show, DCN Facebook, and the City Media Grant.

9.            Announcements: Steve brought the board up to date with the evolution of the OneNW (the SalesForce company) which is now named GroundWire and has developed a powerful volunteer management package.

10.            The meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm

NEXT BOARD MEETING:  April 19, 2011

Humbly submitted
Anne Hance, Secretary


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